Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ – 12 [Final]

Saito goes off to fight the millions of Albion’s soldiers alone in order to protect Louise from sacrificing her life.


Wow, that was fantastic. Really, this episode was more then I could have possibly wanted it to be, truly it was just outstanding. It was just full of simply amazing moments that really focused on the romance and relationship between Louise and Saito as well as also addressing the issue that they had brought up before about dieing for reputation and protecting the ones you loved. Really those were the two topics that made this season so great and the fact that they really hit hard on those for this final episode not just made this identical episode great but took a huge step towards the overall series.

Really, it’s hard to explain exactly why this episode had such a huge impact on me. It really sent chills up my spine during the scene where Saito was on the hilltop, silhouette on the moon saying how he was going to die, but would rather do it this way. Then, when he charged forward and the OP music started playing but in a softer and sad way, god, that was just… I actually went back and just watched that first part of the scene it was so cool. Plus, not only did this episode have that emotional scene, the actual wedding scene was amazing, really hitting on the actual romance aspect of the two of them, then, that wasn’t it, everyone grieving was very emotional. Even though Saito came back it was still a very sad and emotional show and when all of that happened, it was really amazing.

Especially after finding out that Saito was indeed alive, I completely saw the scene coming where Saito would say or do something and take a reunion scene that was full of a happy Louise into her being pissed and trying to kill him. Although I’m almost inclined to say that I didn’t’ like that, as it did indeed take the focus off of the serious bit and made it comedy, really it was fine. That’s what the show was really about almost so it was appropriate, and the episode still had a great emotional scene throughout it, so although I’m a big fan of the romance and serious parts that they showed in this episode, I still just kind of smiled and it made me feel rather good seeing things return to normal like that.

However, there were a lot of flaws and things I’m unhappy about, but I’ll address them right below.

Final Thoughts:

Really, I was just blown out of the water with this season. I had watched and loved the first season, but absolutely no where near the amount and even the way I loved this season. It had a completely different feel to it; it’s almost as if it were an entirely different series and not just a second season. My god, it was just so different. Sure it had the same characters, but almost, that was it. This season had a surprising amount of really serious and dramatic scenes and just overall topics. Colbert’s past and redemption, then his death, the topic of dieing for one’s honor and Saito opposing it, Louise wanting to fight for Saito more then reputation, the romance and feelings, and then Saito not dieing for reputation, but for love. My god. The closest the first season had to any of that at all was….nothing. God, they didn’t have anything like that. Sure Saito and Louise kissed at the end but it wasn’t really about the serious aspects of the relationship, and sure there was a war but no drama over the fact that they were fighting it and for what reasons. Really, it pretty much just took the first season as nothing more then a set up for the characters and just exploded with content here.

Although I really like this series in general, not necessarily addressing the first season or the second, there were still so many things that were left completely wide open and just not even attempted to explain them, which kind of pissed me off. That battle, as I mentioned above, sent chills down my spine. The way the OP played slowly and sadly and Saito rushed after all those people for love, but it was over so damn fast. Plus, they never explain what happened to the evil powerful woman, and the army can’t be all destroyed as he obviously kind of lost after taking out a lot of them, so the war is still going on. While they had so many great things in this series they left so many things wide open that could have made it better, but it’s not a case of just missing potential, it hurt the show that these things weren’t explained. They could have done such a better job at adapting the anime, it would have been so much more, but they just didn’t. Hell, they didn’t’ even explain the damn fairy thing. I’m not completely against Saito coming back, as the time of the show was kind of centered on him being around and it would suck for Louise if he died, but if he almost dies or does die, at least freaking explain better how he got back. I mean, wasn’t he all bloody and damaged and about to be shot by thousands of blasts of power? His body should be scared and in pieces. Plus they didn’t’ explain what the hell the damn fairy is.

Really, although I have all this stuff to complain about I still like this series as a whole and I just hope for a third season that does a better job. This season was great, but had all these things wrong with it, its ridiculous. Still, I really do like the show and despite these things being wrong with it, I overall in the grand scheme of things liked it.

3 thoughts on “Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ – 12 [Final]”

  1. bueno a mi me dejaron una gran duda, al final aparece una letras sera que es el final final o habra una secuela mas. no se si alguien podia decirme que significa esa palabras

  2. You probably know this already, but the TV series is a very condensed/alternated summary of what happened in the novel. There are a lot of complains for the people who have been reading the novels. With all that being said, I still love the 1 vs. 70,000 army scene. It’s probably the best out of all 12 eps. The ending is really disappointing though, I kinda wish Saito didn’t return and what Louise saw was just Saito’s ghost saying goodbye or something. The producer is probably just setting it up so people have to keep guessing whether or not there will be a 3rd season. If Saito died, there would be a 3rd season for sure.

    To answer some of your questions. Saito delay the army just enough for Louise and the others to escape via ship. (In the novel, Saito didn’t kill anyone, just knock them down unconscious because he doesn’t believe in war and all…) He actually make it to the leader of the army and ‘died’ right before he was able to knock the guy down. The leader of the army even calls Saito a hero and was gonna give him a hero’s funeral. Then Saito’s corpse just ran out of the battle field… No I kid you not, the dead guy ran all the way into the forest and fell down there. And yes, his heart stop beating too.

    If anyone is interested, in the novel, Saito did NOT return to Louise after he got saved by the elf with the ‘revolutionary boobs’ as Saito would call it…. Louise pretty much went nuts suicidal after Saito’s death. She can’t handle the world with him. In her dreams, Saito always come to her, saying all the right words, making all the right moves. But the end of the dream is always the same, he would leave her. Touching scenes in the novels were all lost in the TV.

    I think I left enough spoiler for now. But it is nothing you can’t find on the web. I do hope there will be a 3rd season with a different producer. The great story pretty much went down the drain with the current one. *sigh*

  3. este bueno iio me vi la serie completita la 1 y 2 temporada el final no me gusto del todo
    me habria gustado q sacaran la 3 temporada supongamos q saito volvirera a su mundo, pero esta ves no volviera solo si no q kon louise y las hermanas fueran y buscaran a su chibi louise saben a lo q me refiero?
    bueno y en el mundo de saito louise hiciera destrosos kon sus ataques de celos y q luego de un tiempo se solucionara todo con esta pareja y q la mama de saito se enterara de q su amado hijo esta casado kon aquella chica q lo trata mal y kon la q vive y que louise siguiera siendo la misma zero en el colegio de saito bueno y la historia podrian imaginarla xq esta es q se podria seguir solita.

    xao bueno aqui concluillo

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