Hayate no Gotoku – 26

When Hayate encounters Nishizawa and she asks him what his feelings for her are, to get out of it he fakes amnesia but gets caught up in the lie when she tells him he’s her butler and he has to go along with it.


This episode was great. I really have so far loved all of the episodes that feature Nishizawa. I hope they would include her more often. Not that I necessarily want for anything to really happen, I know I keep referencing serious romance but pretty much know it will never be a main focus. Still, it’s very funny to see her clash with Nagi and it’s what made the episode as funny as it was, so if they could just include her a bit more I think it would be great. Aside form that though just the topic of amnesia was funny, but what made it hilarious is that he didn’t actually have it.

I loved, once again, their references to other shows, as it’s what makes this so funny. However, one part really hit and connected with me. They actually mentioned Eternal Sonata when talking about amnesia. I’m currently in the middle of playing Eternal Sonata and no one has amnesia yet, now I’m kind of anxious to see where the hell that happens in the game just because they mentioned it in the anime. I think the timing for it was just brilliant though, because I wouldn’t care as much if I didn’t know the things personally, just mentioning it at the same time I’m actively playing it was great. Well, technically I haven’t played the game, Xeby-chan has. She’s the one with the Xbox 360, not me, so it was special for her. Her gamertag is Xeby chan by the way, two words with a space, she’s going to announce it in a post soon but since I’ve gotten to talking about it, might as well list it. Anyways…

I’m really curious as to what the rest of the series will be filled with. I was really under the impression for a majority of the series there would be only 26 episodes and only since recently when someone said there was way more, 52, did I investigate it. Considering they said the opening is changing next episode, it would make that the half way mark. I just really hope things don’t get stale or anything. It’s a great show but I can see it losing a lot of its quality if it runs out of content and tries to stretch itself too thin, hopefully it won’t and if not it should be great.

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  1. You’re not the only one who thought Hayate no Gotoku was 26 episodes. I kept watching through ep.26 waiting for some kind of story wrap up, but it never came. I was shocked when there was preview and them saying that was going to be a new opening.I thought it was a gag that was in very bad taste until I got frustrated and checked ANN. I too wish that they don’t make this series pointless and boring.

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