Nagasarete Airantou – 24

Ikuto receives a message in a bottle form his sister, who received his message, stating that she tired to find Ikuto but has become lost at sea.


Holy shit, this episode was incredible. I didn’t expect this show to actually get to this level of seriousness over Ikuto staying or going, or the feelings that Suzu has. Although I really wanted the show to all along, I’m a big fan of romance in shows, so I was really hoping that they would soon draw some content from Suzu’s feelings and a chance for Ikuto to leave and whether he should or not. Really, this was great. It did turn out to be rather emotional in many scenes and really brought up the topic that Suzu doesn’t want Ikuto to leave because she loves him, although may not exactly realize it, and the fact that she knows that’s being selfish.

I’m really looking forward to how this ends exactly. It kind of reminds me of the first season of Zero no Tsukaima and Saito’s decision to return home or stay. However, it’s a bit more complicated here because leaving the island means looking and saving his sister. I’m not sure what will happened exactly, but I really ant Suzu and Ikuto to remain together, whether that means the both of them leave together or Ikuto leaves, finds his sister, but somehow returns to the island and lives with Suzu while her sisters stays on the island as well. Whatever happens, I’m not exactly sure but still really want the two of them to end up together.

I was a bit frustrated at the end when they showed all the other girls pretty much saying they are going to try and keep Ikuto on the island. Regardless of what happens or wanting him to stay or leave I think it would be a great opportunity for some great story and character development just from the decision of Ikuto and the influence of Suzu. Sure the other girls interfering adds some comedy, but I almost wish they would just not try and make some comedy about of this because it’s the perfect opportunity to add some seriousness and interesting drama, and if the other girls interfere too much it’ll cheapen that.

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  1. I think she needs to flat out tell Ikuto her feelings.. We’ve seen glimpses of jealousy through out the series… it’s time to open the flood gates…but Suzu always tries to be to good girl and refrains from letting her feelings control her.

  2. Well I don’t think its just that. I think a lot of it is that she’s not exactly sure what her feelings are because of her isolation regarding males.

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