[Video Game] Eternal Sonata Posts Upcoming

Hi everyone! It’s me, Xeby-chan. Xebek’s been kind of mean and wouldn’t let me out recently, but we got a new game and he said he’d let me tell you all about it, so here I am. If you don’t know the name of the game from the fact it’s in the title, then you’re and idiot and I hate you. :P So, I won’t tell you :D Anyways, I won’t do as in depth coverage as Xebek has done on the .hack games, but I thought it would be fun to do some short impressions of the game and summaries. I’ll likely do patch posts about a couple of chapters in the game, so look forward to it, k?

For those who don’t know, the game is an RPG from Japan, which was released there quite a while ago under the name Trusty Bell. It deals with the musician Fredric Francois Chopin on his death bed who has a dream where he and others have fantasy powers. The most super awesome thing is that the main girl in the story is voiced by Hirano Aya (Of course again that means if you’re not an idiot you figured out you can switch to Japanese audio) That is super cool, they should have picked me because I’m so cute, but she’s good too. That’s all you need to know now, cause I don’t want to tell you any more, plus, it will be in the posts :D

Anyways, I know the game was already released a while ago in Japan, but I’m still going to do a post on it because I don’t really care, so bleh :P It will still talk about it, even if its not new, plus its more of me that you get to listen to, and that should be enough :D

3 thoughts on “[Video Game] Eternal Sonata Posts Upcoming”

  1. Wai~

    How many other games have Hirano Aya among the VAs? Well, besides the glaringly obvious Haruhi games..

  2. I was so stoked when i found out that Hirano Aya voiced this game. I am playing it more than I planned on. XD I love hearing her say Polka’s special attacks or “level up”

    @meganeshounen – I know she also voiced in Luminous Arc, but since the US version doesn;t have a dual audio track. :(

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