Nanatsuiro Drops – 10

Sumomo and others try and find a way to return Haru back to normal after he became permanently imprisoned in a lifeless stuffed animal because of his revealing his secret identity to Sumomo.


This episode was great. I was really expecting it to be good though, as I was looking forward to it and had high hopes for I, but I’m still very impressed with the way things ended. I was kind of expecting it to be more or less over after this episode. I mean, I knew this wasn’t the last episode, but once they got to the point where they figured out how to fix him it seemed like hat would just be the end of the problem. I was rather surprised when they revealed that he had lost memories for a long time span and was just thrilled because it just adds a completely new level of interest to everything. It brigs up so many problems now, of course Sumomo will likely be rather devastated but he’s still Yuki so there should also be some rather sweet moments seeing her know about is identity and feelings and all and having him not know a thing, however as fun as that may be, I still want in the end for him to get his memory back.

I do have to say this separately because I really really can’t stress it enough, I REALLY hope that Haru eventually gets his memory back. One thing that I can’t stand about the ending to some shows is how sometimes at the end everyone’s memories will be erased of most things and they will kind of play though things again but with perhaps normal lives or whatever. Now, its not quite the same here, its not the same considering how its only Haru who has his memory wiped, and things may turn out a bit more interesting since Sumomo and the others rain the memory and she’s aware of the feelings and all. Still though, I generally hate those kinds of endings because it almost feels like there was no point in the entire series then. If everything is just going to be returned to square one with no memories of anything, it’s like the entire series was for waste. Now, again it won’t quite be like that for this show even if it dos end that way, but I’m still desperately hoping that Haru will eventually at the end get his memories back.

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