Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! – 17

Ayako and Mamoru, as well as everyone else, head to the beach for a little break where Mamoru and Ayako try and break away from the rest of the group so they can be together as a couple, but the others won’t make it easy for them.


Omg, freaking finally! This release isn’t even by the same group that normally does this show but at least it’s something. I can’t believe how slow this show has been and it was getting close to the point where I was just going to completely forget about it. The sub wasn’t even that great either. How the hell doe sit take half a year and still turn out below average? Anyways, I can’t complain much because at least it’s something.

Anyways, as far as the actual episode goes it was pretty good. Then again I haven’t watched in a while so I don’t really have the other episodes fresh in my mind to compare, but really this wasn’t too bad. Overall though I still think this show is struggling a bit with the story, but the relationships kept me watching it anyways and they did a great job of trying to focus on that as well as make some other things interesting.

I was a bit surprised at the emergence of this new character who seems to be an enemy. Although I’m not sure of her intentions, she’s at least doing something to progress the story along and I hadn’t really expected there to be anyone new. I thought the focus would remain on the German guy and Ayako’s uncle or grandfather or whoever it was that worked for him. Although things still may involve them, the focus defiantly isn’t’ on the same guy anymore, it’s been so long I don’t remember his name. Still, although this introduction of whoever this woman is was a bit sudden, so far it’s already burst out with some rather interesting involvement so hopefully it will be a hint that things will continue to be interesting. Again, its been a while since the last episode of this was subbed, and I had pretty much completely put this show out of my thoughts so really either way it goes, I don’t really care, but I still want to see more of the relationship as that’s what really keeps me watching it after the overall plot seems to have been lacking.

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