Idolmaster Xenoglossia – 23

Modenkind tries to defend against Turiavita’s attack, only having Nebula and a not yet completed Tempestas to combat the three iDOLS in Turiavita’s possession.


This episode was great. It really went much further then I thought that this episode was going to go, as it didn’t so much just build up or start the final conflict; it was almost the entire second conflict of the series by itself. While a bit unexpected, it did leave me a bit confused. It rally started out like this attack from Turiavita was going to be the final attack and conflict, while it wasn’t and it was self contained it was good for the moment but does leave me a bit curious as to things still left. After all, there are so many loose ends they didn’t close it almost seems like this episode was bad in a way for being this isolated. However, at least it wasn’t isolated in a bad way. After all, everything that happened was important; it’s not as if this was a fluff episode by any means. Still, it just felt a little weird to have the immediate battle to be more or less over with this, while they still have so much to conclude.

I’m really rather unsure of what they are going to use for an actual ending now. It seemed like this was such a big event and concluded quite a lot of things, yet at the same time it didn’t conclude much at all. It seemed like Modenkind’s big attack didn’t do much except destroy a lot of the city and even so, there weren’t too many mecha fights and the ones they had completely ended in Modenkind’s favor. So, I’m a bit unsure of how things are going to conclude, as I thought things would be done with this confrontation, thinking it would have lasted a bit longer. I mean, they still really have all of Turiavita to take care of, and Hiems condition is a bit unknown, but Nubulim is still there, plus, again, the big organization is still standing, so it will be interesting to see how they conclude things, as I’m really looking forward t it. This show really just in general has take off so much in the past couple of episodes its really amazed me and I just hope that the conclusion doesn’t disappoint, because they really have built up to quite a great story.

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