Lucky Star – 23

Konata talks to Tamura about her doujin while Tamura begs her not to show Yu the material, as many of her stores are lifted form her fantasies of Yu and Minami.


This episode was pretty good; again it just had some great segments and average ones. I loved the bit where Yu’s three friends came over but Yui acted like it was only Minami, showing it from two points of views, thus showing how much the other two were pretty much ignored when Yui was doting on Minami. I also liked how Konata and her dad were judging the people at the dog show and not the dogs, talking about how one seems to be a tsundere or one’s stockings are perfect height.

I’ve already said before how much I love Tamura. She’s my second favorite character, first being Konata, although she’s starting to give Konata a run for her money. She’s almost just as much of an Otaku but keeps having yuri fantasizes, its just pure win. I loved how Yu said that her doujin stories felt familiar and Tamura basically said that most of the stories were lifted from Yu and Minami and the fantasies she is always having about them. Hell, just the quick fantasies she has throughout the show are hilarious by themselves, the whole breast rubbing bit was great.

Lucky Channel was definitely better this episode. I kind of wish they had just did this segment last time, giving that they both more or less dealt with he aftershock of the huge riot/chaos argument that went on. However, I do understand I guess that the last Lucky Channel would be on the last episode, which is next episode, and they can’t really have them being told to stick it together for one more if the next Lucky Channel doesn’t correspond with the last episode. That was kind of hard to explain but hopefully you understand, if not I don’t care. Anyways, it was very funny. I didn’t’ really get if the woman who was standing over them was for anything, I didn’t really get that reference but I suspected there to be something there about it. Still, it was very funny though and I hope that it will be at least extremely funny; if not funny at least it will prove to be interesting.

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  1. I wasn’t really asking about the seiyuu, it seemed like her actual character design and way she acted might have come from something, was what I was asking.

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