Lucky Star – 21

The girls all go on their class trip to Kyoto, making Konata want to visit the KyoAni building as they see that and other sites.


This episode was great; it is one of my favorites for sure. There were so many things that were just hilarious and cleaver. Of course, the school trip itself is a cliché that a lot of anime have but do in fact produce a lot of interesting and fun content. I really loved all of the references that Konata and the others actually made to KyoAni as the company, visiting their building and talking bout how they are great but only work on a few series, going there to take pictures. Also, they had a cameo of a Clannad girl they showed on the bus. That was just hilarious, and cameos and talking about the actual company that made the anime in the anime are amazing and make the show really fun to watch.

OMFG this episode’s Lucky Channel was just pure awesomeness. I was just stunned with it. Really, even the best of the Lucky Channel episodes didn’t’ even come close to this one. I mean, Lucky Channel has always been rather interesting, sometimes rather useless and other times just a little bit funny, but MY GOD this episode was absolutely hilarious. I was disappointed last time because hey didn’t really do much with Shiraishi after they sent him on a hike but this time when they brought him back and he was all beaten up but still got the water, it was just awesome. I laughed extremely hard, and if the actual show wasn’t one of the best I’ve seen as well, Lucky Channel would have almost been better then the show. It defiantly is better then some of the other actual show segments from other episodes. I really hope they can use some of this chaos they built up here and still have going to make all the next Lucky Channel’s just as great.

The ED seems to keep getting weirder and weirder. It’s not really even just the fact that it is different from the other ED segment this show had, or hell even completely different then every other single ED that any show has had really. The ED is….pretty much impossible to describe, it’s just so freaking bizarre. Not that this particular episode’s segment was anything really different, it just seemed like it has gone beyond just people singing songs and gone to completely and absolutely insane. I was just confused and a little bit afraid just watching the damn thing, it’s that weird. However, for and ED to do that I do have to give it some recognition, as that is impressive I guess you could say.

2 thoughts on “Lucky Star – 21”

  1. There’s one part I really didn’t understand in this episode: Konata changes appearance to someone else when Ms Kuroi was telling the bus driver to stop as Minoru was chasing them. Could you shed some light on that??

    But yeah, this was definitely one of the funniest Lucky Star episodes. Server maintenance sux.

  2. If you’re talking about the brown long-haired girl…..then it’s not Clannad reference. Her hair style is more like Air’s Misuzu, only with a brown colored hair instead of yellow. And while we’re at it, the Kuroi teacher might as well could be referenced to Haruko if we switch her hair color to match Haruko’s.

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