Hayate no Gotoku – 25

Nagi tries to fake a kidnapping in order to get Hayate to come to her rescue after she’s realized her mistake in selling him to Isumi.


This episode was great. I found it very funny and kind of sweet at the end. Of course, that’s really to be expected as I had high hopes for this episode, seeing as how it’s more or less the second part of the arc about Nagi selling Hayate, even if it doesn’t say Part I or II. Just the fact that this was a direct story continued form another episode makes it interesting, and it was very fun to see Hayate come to Nagi’s rescue. Of course, it was also fun just because of how more or less psycho Hayate went with the giant machine gun, hell, that’s always fun to see. However, I think that just he general set up for this episode was really good and so loved the episode.

The next episode looks like it will be really interesting. Hell, they even said in the Butler Network segment that I was going to be a special. From the preview it seems like it will heavily involve the girl from Hayate’s old school. I think this will prove to be really interesting just because it’ll likely focus some real love rivalry. They haven’t really had that in this show yet and I wish they would have, because I think I would make things much more interesting. I’ve said this before but I love romance in a series, and just the inclusion of a character that has already, seriously, confessed to Hayate is enough to make the episode extremely interesting. To include them in a way that is more then just showing them eating that is. I always wanted more romance in this series, and I think that a confrontation between Nagi and the classmate girl, who I obviously don’t know the name of, will be really interesting. Plus, even beyond that, even if not just for the fact that it is including romance, just the premise of the episode seems like It will be rather funny and interesting, as the little bit I could gather is that Hayate gets amnesia and thinks he’s the other girl’s butler.

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