.hack//G.U. Returner – Roots and G.U. OVA

Haseo and everyone who knew Ovan are called to a mysterious festival lost ground by a mysterious email claiming to be from Ovan, stating that he has something he wishes to entrust to everyone.


This OVA was great. I don’t know hat some people are talking about when they say it wasn’t that great of an OVA. I think it did everything it had to perfectly. It had a lot of really great comedy and brought in some old characters that they haven’t shown in a while, and all the interacting. Really, it was great and I loved it. Really, this OVA wasn’t supposed to be about actually putting a new end to things or really for explaining things, it is all about just making things more fun. To show the character interacting that may not have interacted before, to have the familiar characters focus a bit more on comedy now that the story is out of the way. Sure this OVA kind of had some story about “Good AIDA” and Ovan returning, but really it was great just for all of the other stuff they had.

It was great to see all of the characters again. I was really pleased with how much they included tabby and Sakisaka. It really made it feel like it was tying in Roots a lot, seeing as how the length of G.U. is much bigger and that it’s the main story, Roots just being a prequel, to see them include elements form Roots as much as they did was great. I really do like Tabby’s character although she may be considered a bit annoying. How she kind of freaked out saying there were two Shino’s was great, and just the way she dragged Sakisaka around was very funny and reminiscent of Roots. I did like they brought Sakisaka back, and I am a bit surprised about how much he was involved considering he quit the game in Roots and Tabby only suspended play to become a large breasted cat girl nurse………………………..ANYWAYS, it was fun to see them again. I especially loved that they included Saburou and Touta. They were two of my favorite characters from Roots, especially Saburou, yet they were completely not even mentioned in G.U. which is a bit of a shame. Touta can understand as he said he had to study abroad, but Saburou I was surprised with. Saburou never said anything about quitting the game, plus Saburou was important enough that actually witnessed first hand Haseo’s fight with Azure Kite, she was in the church at the time  the fight, yet was discarded during the game. So it was great to see them back and of course as I said the large breasted cat girl nurse……..

There were a ton of just small things that I found absolutely hilarious. In fact it is defiantly the thing that I liked most about this OVA, not really seeing any kind of continuation or the people meeting, but just the great comedy bits they showed. I absolutely loved Tabby and Sakisaka’s explanation of what sounds the monster made, yelling “PIKAA” and “NEMOO” They said it with such enthusiasm and like it was the exact sound the monster made, I found it hilarious. I also thought it was hilarious how Kuhn was hitting on Saburou, who is actually a guy in RL but uses a girls PC, with a guys name. It was just fun to see because of how flirtuous Kuhn is, that he hit on a guy without knowing it, plus to just see that kind of character crossovers. Then there were just some smaller things such as Saku playing the gun game and only aiming at the Haseo dolls, wanting hundreds of shots to shoot Haseo. There was also a Kite mask that Kuhn put on to hide, and then the scene with Endrance and the crap load of Haseo doll things. The way he acted and Haseo kind of flinched away from him was great. Then of course I just loved the general interaction between Saku and Endrance. Although that dynamic of their relationship isn’t really anything new, it was obvious in the game, they didn’t get too good of chance to really show it has a great comedy bit until now, so I thought it was hilarious how she was trying to get him and her alone and then kiss him.

One really sad thing I have to point out shows just how obsessed and pathetic I am. When the Lucky Animal came out of the bush I was instantly able to recognize it as being a Kudan. I thought that was a bit pathetic of me, as I didn’t even try and I actually didn’t do any of the Lucky Animal stuff in Vol. 3 before watching this, so it’s not like it was fresh in my mind either.

I really loved all of the little cameos as well. Not referring to the big appearances by the characters that actually spoke, but even more so I really loved how they showed other characters, if only in the background. The ones I managed to spot, and I’m pretty sure I got them all. There were Gord and B-Set together playing a game, the shop keepers that Touta helped out in Roots, Silver Knight, Taihaku, Matsu, Bordeaux, Iyota, Asta, Azure Kite, Azure Balmung, Azure Orca, Gabi, Sophora, Hirragi, Piros, Natsume, Anteras, Sirius, Alkaid, Death Grunty, Mellow Grunty, Zelkova and Kaede. Of course, those were just the ones that had a cameo and didn’t speak. There were of course the obvious Saburou, Touta, Gaspard and Silabus among others, but even the small ones that didn’t have speaking roles were cool to see.

They did leave out some characters that I wish they would have included, but not that it makes much of a difference. They showed Bordeaux, barely, but no Negimaru and Grein which I would have liked to see. Also, they only showed two of the grunties, and I would have hoped to show all of them if they showed any. They also didn’t show Mikoto, the Brandish from Roots who Haseo fought and lost to, who witnessed Ovan and Azure Kite’s fight. Then the only other ones I can think of that had a name or small part in Roots or GU are Hiedeyo and Seisaku from Roots. Although they had Medic Union characters named after them, if not them, in G.U. they didn’t show them in their original form which I would have liked to see as well.

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  1. Yes it looks really good i loved playing the games if its not to much trouble can you tell me where you downloaded the ova from?

  2. i watched the OVA in youtube :P
    24.45 minutes ,the same as the anime :P
    well its a good OVA

    ah ,1 more thing : haseo´s hair :s

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