Nagasarete Airantou – 23

Ikuto and the rest of the villagers on the island try and get Suzu to attend the school they have there, but because of her intense hate of studying she has avoided going at all.


It’s getting a bit hard to write too much about this series. Really for the most part all of the episodes are pretty much fluff episodes, with really nothing happening that affects anything the long run. It’s a bit odd though because there are several series that have fluff episodes, in fact it’s hard to find a series that doesn’t have some portion of more or less useless episodes. However, really it’s shown that this show is almost nothing but that. There isn’t really any overall plot. It’s not like there are fluff episodes along the way while people try and fight against some evil force or anything, really all the episodes are fluff. It’s a bit hard to judge, as it’s really as the show is trying to go for that. It’s not like they have some overall plot there that they just haven’t addressed, they just don’t have it. The individual episodes aren’t too bad though, they are a lot of times really enjoyable and fun to watch, however even though they may be good and fun and relaxing to watch. They are something that doesn’t require a lot of thought; it still leaves the show with a feeling that they need a bit more. Anything at all that could give the show some overall importance that encompasses these fluff episodes would be excellent, however they really haven’t hardly touched on Ikuto actually trying to get off or the romance. If they could only do that, it wouldn’t matter if there were fluff episodes. They could have this same episode but with like 30 seconds of addressing that issue and I think it would make the series in general better.

Overall vies on the way the show is going aside, this episode itself was rather funny and enjoyable. Not that the others were bad, but I liked this episode a lot more over some of the others. It was really fun seeing Suzu try so hard to avoid school and the extremely elaborate things everyone did to get her to go.

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