.hack//G.U. Redemption – 06 [Final]

Haseo and the others go after Cubia in hops of restoring the game and saving the real world form total chaos, but without Ovan’s epitaph they are unsure of how to overcome his power.


  • Haseo and the others meet at Netslum. They say that they have to defeat a lot of the bug creature, Gomoras, in order to locate Cubia’s body. Zelkova says to do so they have to use area hacking at four of the lost grounds.
  • Haseo heads to one of them and soon finds himself surrounded by dozens of them at once. All of a sudden, someone comes running from behind and defeats a bunch of them in one fell swoop. It’s Alkaid. Haseo is stunned; amazed that she is fine and Alkaid kind of shrugs it off, saying of course she’s fine. Haseo walks up to her, hugging her telling her to no scare him like that again. More Gomora show up, completely overwhelming them but Sirius and Taihaku come to the rescue, defeating them. They say they received the email and will help. Taihaku says he called all the ranking arena members to assist, and sys that the stain Haseo’s name received in the Sage Palace tournament has been wiped clean. Haseo runs ahead while Alkaid, Sirius, and Taihaku stay behind and fight the Gomora.
  • In another Lost Ground, all of the Moon Tree people assist in defeating them, such as Kaede, Matsu, and the ninja cat healer girl who has that alt in Canard in Alcor. Then, in another area and Silabus, Gaspard, and Anteras help out. Then, in the fourth and final area Gabi comes to the rescue, along with Bordeaux, Grein, Negimaru and the two Pkers who PK’d Haseo in the very beginning.
  • Haseo and the others find out the location of Cubia, and go though a dungeon and outer dungeon until they arrive at him. They see it as a huge giant of a monster, and everyone lends their power to Haseo so he can defeat it. He summons the new white Skeith, and goes into battle with Cubia. After defeating it to the point of being able to data drain it, Haseo and the others find that it has no effect. Yata says that they must destroy Cubia’s core, which is likely inside of him. They take a plunge inside Cubia in order to find his core.
  • They arrive inside him and see his core. Yata says that the strain on the network right now is huge, and if they don’t do something soon the world may end up in chaos. All of a sudden Haseo finds himself alone. A blue ball of light appears speaking in Aura’s voice. She says how she is the unawoken one yet, that she has no power decide the future of the world, the ones who will decide what to make of it are the players of the game. All she can do is connect thoughts. She tells Haseo to reach out and touch the feelings of those who share his inner thoughts.
  • Haseo then fights though the long paths inside of Cubia, having his friends fight with him and stay behind to fight off the doppelgangers Cubia is making. Eventually Haseo gets to the core and fights and defeats it. They finally breach its defenses and say that their only hope to defeat it is to use the power of their epitaphs. They all give Haseo power and still in normal PC form, powered up he jumps up and strikes Cubia. He tires to penetrate through a barrier but can’t. Yata says its no use, without the power of The Rebirth they can’t do anything. Haseo’s arm starts to crack where he is making the attack and a bright light cause him to close his eyes.
  • Haseo opens his eyes to find himself in a large white room. Ovan appears behind him, placing his hand on his shoulder and arm, saying now you have them all, and gives Haseo a word of encouragement before vanishing into a pile of dust. Haseo looks with new determination and says all of the feelings he’s carved into the world are going into this one attack. He returns to Cubia and penetrates the barrier, destroying it.
  • Everything goes blank and Haseo finds him once again in a white room. Ovan is standing before him and says, “You’ve become stronger, a lot stronger then you were back then.” Haseo responds, “Well, I was forced to become stronger, thanks to you.” The same quote from the begging of Vol. 1 when Haseo meets Ovan after he’s disappeared. Ovan says if he puts his feelings together, there’s no telling how far he will grow. Ovan starts to glow blue and disappear, saying that this is goodbye. Haseo yells at him that he always leaves before Haseo can tell him what he is feeling. Ovan says, “One ending, is really a new beginning. We are not finished, our journey will still continue. Don’t you think that’s true?” Ovan then turns and walks away. Haseo chases after him, saying he’s still got so much to say. He reaches his hand out but Ovan disappears as he turns around to look at Haseo.
  • Aura then appears before Haseo, saying that his wish has gone though so much anguish but has awakened Ovan’s heart.  She says, “He heard your lament and the deepest wish of his heart was to answer him. The bonds between our souls are what drive the world and it will be all of you that drive the new world. Now, you must go. Little children of Morganna.”
  • Haseo says, narrating, that the world finally returned to normal. The chaos and confusion in the real world had subsided.
  • Haseo gets email form pretty much everyone he’s met, saying how things are back to normal, and they are happy, thanking him and so forth. He also gets an email from Shino, telling him to meet her at the cathedral. Haseo goes there and they talk, Shino saying she was watching Haseo the entire time, as lie with Aina her consciousness was tied to Ovan’s left arm. Atoli then comes, Shino saying that she called her here. Atoli just manages to say some things, nothing really important and eventually just wishes Haseo luck, with a tear in her eye and runs off. Shino tells him how he should do what he wants, that she’s been watching him. Haseo then chases after Atoli. Atoli crying at the chaos gate but when she sees Haseo running to her, she cheers up and smiles.
  • Haseo gets some more emails, getting some member addresses form Aura, giving him the three Azure Knights, and an email from Bordeaux. He gets a message from Tabby, saying she’s back and wants to meet him, and some other random things like the Forest of Pain opening again.
  • In Online Jack, Salvador just kind of says that they weren’t able to investigate much, as they saw some lab and the missing children didn’t remember anything. However, they believe that CC Corp has been hiding the truth. A young girl walks past them, and says, “Opposing mirrors of hope and despair.” A nurse asks if she’s getting discharged, and someone takes her name off the wall near the room.
  • In the other news, the warrant for Ovan for being AIDA’s creator was revoked.
  • In the final epilogue for the game, Haseo is on a bridge in Mac Anu with Shino. They just say some things about all they’ve been though, and that they miss Ovan. Haseo says that he doesn’t know why, but he has a feeling Ovan will come back.


Hold off comments about the game in general, I will probably move any comments posted here anyways. I will do a post on Returner, the G.U. OVA and then a three part Impression and Review about all of Roots and G.U. So please hold comments until those three posts about everything in general.


Now, I won’t talk too terribly much on the overall game and trilogy, as I said I’ll save it for the large impressions posts, but I do have to say I loved the end. I don’t know what the hell some idiots are talking about when they say it was disappointing. My god, how fucking narrow minded are you? It missed a chance to be really dark? Who the fuck gives a crap. It was amazing. It doesn’t have to be some supper apocalyptic thing where everyone really dies, and even if Ovan didn’t actually die at all he still made a huge sacrifice to save others. That was enough and was really amazing. I’ve even heard some retard say that the story was bad because it in the end wasn’t about AIDA. MY fucking god, seriously how stupid can you be? Who the hell cares? ADIA didn’t have to be the overall focus. It proved a huge purpose in getting things motivated, and was the reason for Ovan’s Rebirth and thus the reason for the network strain and the reason for Cubia and so on. I’m sorry but I’ll defend this story to the death. Not just because I’m a fan, but because really looking at the story intelligently, the story was great and the way things built up was amazing.

I do have to say quickly that it just sent chills up my spine when they showed the kind of recap thing. Not when they showed the movies during the credits, but Haseo was kind of going over everything that happened, the scene was put together incredibly well and really, as said, sent chills up my spine, the good kind.

It should be pretty obvious but I do want to point it out that in the end, Haseo ends up with Atoli romance and relationship wise over anyone else. Yes I know, blah blah blah, there is the whole wedding thing, I’m not an idiot. However, it still doesn’t change the fact that technically and storyline wise he ends up with Atoli. Really that wedding stuff was just randomly thrown in there to kind of appease people, but not only does it make sense for him to end with Atoli, pretty much the second to last scene, the last one if you don’t count the secret epilogue, he runs to Atoli. I mean, come on! Now, although I do really like Alkaid and all I do think that it makes the most sense for Haseo to end up with Atoli. I mean, really it just fits. Shino was gone for too long and Haseo didn’t have as much as a connection with her, and Alkaid was not only gone a long time but wasn’t as close to Haseo. Atoli was always there supporting him and really her character is very interesting, making her a great fit.

I did find it really cool one of the lines Atoli says, as it really addresses what the REAL title of this volume is. The Japanese title for Vol. 3 is Aruku no Hayase de which translates not into “Redemption”, but pretty much “At Walking Speed” The line was more or less Atoli saying, before the Cubia fight, that they have to keep walking forward no matter what. Even if things get in the way, as long as they walk forward together, they can get though it. I really think that “At Walking Speed” is a better title. Although it’s a bit more confusion, and on the surface it may seem like Redemption is easier, referring perhaps to Ovan’s redemption, but I think at walking speed helps to point towards what the overall point of most of G.U. was, which is that all this crap kept coming at them but they need to keep walking forward, even if its slow as long as they go straight ahead it will be for the better.

I also just loved the moment where Haseo was face to face with Ovan at the end before he disappeared. I, again as I have probably unhealthy before, just freaked out when the started to say the same line from Vol. 1. The line being, “You’ve become stronger, a lot stronger then you were back then.” “Well I was forced to become stronger, thanks to you.” That line was the same as the beginning of Vol. 1. Before Haseo is data drained, he meets with Ovan for the first time after he disappeared and that line is said. However Haseo kind of says it with a bit of malice towards Ovan. Them saying the exact same line at with a completely different feel and pretty much meaning was just incredible and I loved that they did something like that. It really kind of shows how things have changed, yet have not.

Although it wasn’t rally that important, I absolutely loved all of the reunion type scenes. When everyone kept coming to Haseo’s rescue to fight the Gomoras. Of course, my favorite was when Alkaid showed up. That really surprised the hell out of me. I LOVED that scene, Haseo hugging her like that. Even though he ends up with Atoli, it was still cool to see her come back. Then with Sirius and Taihaku came to the rescue, wow, it was great. Of course, the others were cool to when other people came to the rescue, but the Alkaid one was the best, the way her, Sirius, and Taihaku stood together fighting for Icolo’s name was cool. Although, technically isn’t Haseo the only member of Icolo? I remember them saying that the requirement for being in Icolo was that you were a CURRENT emperor, so even though Alkaid had access to the hall when you first see her she’s not in Icolo. So technically after Haseo beat Taihaku, he should be the only one in Icolo except for whoever won the two lower tournaments after Haseo, which they didn’t show. Anyways, not important, I just loved the Alkaid to the rescue scene.

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