Nagasarete Airantou – 22

When Yukino spots a mysterious blue bird, she chases after it along with Suzu but end up falling in a hole, trapped until Ikuto can find them.


This episode, for the most part, seemed like it was for the most part, just another stand alone episode with rather isolated happenings. However, really at this point in the series it’s obvious that the show for the most part isn’t really trying to be anything else. What they are doing, most of the individual plot episodes that is, have been really good so for the most part I think its fine they don’t have a lot of continuality between episodes. This episode just standing by itself was pretty good. I absolutely love Kagami, Yukino’s mom, so just seeing her in the little bit they showed was great. I just wish they would have shown her a bit more, like they did when they first introduced her. Plus, just the general story of what happened was a bit interesting. Nothing too innovative, but still fun to watch.

Although this episode had a lot of just random funny, isolated episode plot, there was a lot of focus at the end that seemed to make it a lot more. I was a bit surprised, but glad, at how much they kind of shifted the focus form comedy to being rather serious and touching about how Ikuto and Suzu cared for each other. Although there still isn’t really romance there, not as much as I’d want, but then again I generally seem to want a lot of romance in most of the sows I watch. Anyways, it was nice none the less to see some focus on that more emotional part of the show. I thought it was interesting how they both addressed Ikuto still thinking about leaving but also saying to Suzu it would be nice if things could stay like they are forever. I’m still really looking forward to when they address the issue of if he will stay or go, but the way things are going with this series its likely it will only be in the last episode.

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