.hack//G.U. Redemption – 04

Yata begins his wakening as an Epitpah user, making all of the phases awakened and moving Ovan onto the next phase of his plan.


  • Haseo logs in and meets Pi at the Serpent of Lore. She says she’s gained control of the admin rights for G.U. since the higher ups were all up in arms about what to do following Sakaki’s event. She says she’s got a fix on Yata’s signal, and pulls him up on screen.
  • On the screen Yata is on the ground screaming, and soon Avatar symbols appear around him. Everyone is shocked and Haseo guesses that Yata is the final epitaphs user (no shit genius) Pi tells Haseo to come with her, and runs off to the dungeon where Yata is.
  • Haseo and Pi eventually get to Yata. They find him on the ground, saying that he alone understands the world, so why… Yata then explodes in power and summons the avatar Fidchell the Prophet.
  • Haseo defeats Fidchell and when he does, Yata appears in front of it. He says something about, “The aberrant key, borne in they left arm. The Key of Twilight, borne in they right arm. The final wave, the surge of rebirth… shall become light and fill the world. Thou shalt lead the new gods to their twilight. Thou destroyest and createst, thou powerless one… As the stirring footsteps of a giant shadow sound. Oh blessed be the little ones…
  • Yata returns to the other plane and wakes up. Pi runs to his side and Yata says how pitiful he is. He who lobes and knows the most about the world, has his feelings rejected. He asks why he must be alone. Pi slaps him and says he isn’t loved because he doesn’t accept the love of others. He has to accept being treated kindly by others. Yata says he doesn’t need that, what he wants is to be recognized. Recognized by the world. Pi says if he wants to be recognized, he has to regard the feelings of others. She says he isn’t’ in this world alone.
  • When Haseo logs out we see a scene of Ovan back in the room with Aina. He says how all the users have awakened. He is then shocked when he sees Aina is missing.
  • Haseo logs off. In some of the message boards there’s talk of a rumor of an area called “paradise” people say it was a place in the old game called Net Slum ruled over by the queen, Helba, a hacked PC.
  • Haseo gets some emails form Pi saying Yata is reinstated as the leader of G.U. Yata says that all epitaph users have awakened, partially due to Ovan’s plans, which now means he must have moved onto the next stage whatever that is.
  • Yata tells Haseo of his past before Haseo met Ovan. He was once a player in the old game and was an information broker, and was even a bit of a hacker. As fellow hackers, he and Ovan had something in common. He respected and admired Ovan. At some point he changed, he started ragging that bizarre arm around and wandered though areas, and even set up the Twilight brigade to search for the Key of Twilight. He doesn’t know why he changed or much about AIDA, but there’s some reason driving his actions. Haseo also receives an email from Saku saying how it doesn’t matter what Bo says, she’s not needed.
  • Haseo gets an email from Pi saying she’s detected AIDA in one of the towns. Haseo logs in and we see a scene of Sakubo, Bo, in an ally getting lost. All of a sudden Aina appears before him. Sakubo seems to recognize her, saying that she’s Aina, and Aina responds knowing he’s Sakubo. Sakubo asks if she wants to play with him, and we see some AIDA emanating from Aina’s legs. Haseo meets up with Pi and heads to the AIDA signature she’s detected. Haseo and Pi see Sakubo and Aina, and a large cloud of AIDA. Then they disappear and Haseo and Pi head after them though Area Hacking.
  • Haseo doesn’t find them in the Outer Dungeon and logs off where he sees a post about a ghost girl, describing Aina who was with Sakubo. Pi contacts Haseo and tells him to meet with the poster who spotted the girl to try and get more information.
  • Haseo eventually finds out where Aina was reported via Piros. After going though another outer dungeon he finds Sakubo and Aina. Aina says some things like hatred, sadness, joy, and sorrow. She asks how Sakubo is one, while also being two. She says it’s mysterious, and then vanishes, so Haseo logs out.
  • Haseo eventually gets an email form Yata saying that they have something about the prophecy Yata blurted out. When Haseo logs in we see a scene of Ovan wondering where Aina went. There is a flashback to the two of them in that white room, without the Sign and broken scattered books. Ovan is reading to Aina and Aina asks when they meet again, if Ovan can read to her, she promises to get better. All of a sudden ADA appears and they both don’t know hat it is. It attacks Aina but Ovan jumps in the way and his arm is infected. He screams in pain and AIDA fills him. Aina calls Ovan’s name in concern and Ovan turns to her and we see a Sign appear and Aina screams.
  • Back past the flashback Ovan sees Aina behind him. Ovan wonders what’s wrong, asking if AIDA did anything to her. ADA appears around her and Ovan turns to his arm. He says damn you, not only did it make Aina unconscious. He asks if it is going to steal everything from him. Ovan says there’s no more time. The last resort….No, I guess this was the only resort right from the start.
  • Yata and Pi tell Haseo and the others they’ve figured something out about the prophecy. Pi says it seems odd, its seems to be referring to one specific person. Haseo figures out its Ovan. Soon, the monitors in the Serpent of Lore go haywire and Ovan’s image comes though, telling them all to meet him somewhere.
  • Haseo goes though the dungeons and after a lot of warping, comes to the white room where the books and Aina are. Ovan is there and says that this is the creators room, a part of the black box left in the world by its great creator. Ovan makes a book appear and says, “Here lies the divine stores of this world.” Yata asks if that’s the Epitaph of Twilight. Haseo says enough talk, and asks Ovan if there’s a way to bring back the lost ones (Um, I thought he said no more talk)
  • Ovan says that something about changing things is easy but bring back to normal isn’t. He uses an example of milk and tea and that you can’t separate them. Then he says that when Haseo destroyed the AIDA server, those in it who lost consciousness came back. Therefore if he could remove the AIDA there’s a chance Shino will come back. He unleashes his arm saying for Haseo to defeat him, for if he does there’s a chance that Shino and the others may come back.
  • Haseo eventually defeats Ovan, and as he is hunched over, out of breath, He says this is the Rebirth. Yata asks if he just intended to use The Terror of Death to Trigger The Rebirth. Yata and the others are teleported out of the area, leaving Haseo. Ovan says Yata’s guesses are so close, yet so far.
  • Haseo asks why Ovan did all of this. Ovan says it was all to save his little sister, Aina. She was a Lost One, probably the first. Ovan says The Rebirth is safety device, a fail safe really, left behind by the creator of “The World” However, only the fully awakened Terror of Death is capable of activating it. Ovan says he will spread Rebirth throughout the entire network. Ovan says AIDA is throughout the whole network. It’s a gamble, but his only choice.
  • Haseo gets upset as to why Ovan didn’t tell him and trust him. Ovan says he did. That’s why he chose him, protected him, and guided him. Haseo then gets mad at him for all the pain he’s caused everyone just so he could serve his dream, all the people who suffered because of him. Ovan says that everyone’s dream is special. Ovan tells Haseo that he has found the Key of the Twilight. He says that is the sign he is at the truth. For Ovan, the 8 epitaph users for him were the Key of the Twilight. He says just as there are many truths that can exist for any one reality, there are as many keys as there are thoughts for the world.
  • Haseo asks what exactly the Key of Twilight is then. Ovan says perhaps it’s like a bluebird. Aina comes down in front of Ovan. Ovan slumbers over to her and hugs her, saying he can hear it. The sound of the Rebirth awakening.
  • All of a sudden there is a bright flash of light as Ovan is holding onto Aina. His arm starts to glow and cracks come down it all the way and to part of his face, glowing. Ovan yells to Aina to wake up, now is the time for her to recover. AIDA then comes out of her body, and she seems to get better. Then power and light fly all over the place, seeming to distinguish a large cloud of AIDA that is in the air. Then, all of a sudden things shut down.


Wow…..Wow…. That scene there with Ovan and Aina after the fight was incredible. Hell, it’s probably one of the most important events and scenes in the entire G.U. story. I’m sure almost everything else to come will kind of be the repercussions of this. It was just great to see. However, even though so much happened, for the most part I have no idea what the fuck just happened. I can kind of guess that AIDA is gone form Ovan and that the Rebirth purged AIDA from everything causing massive shutdown of the internet and making the game god. I get that. However, there are still a lot of things left to be found out such as the situation of Aina and Ovan and… Well, come on, it’s not over yet.

I was really glad that they touched on Yata’s character more. They really did make him much much more interesting with the whole bit saying how he is all alone and isn’t’ loved. I almost felt something form Pi like she had feelings for him or something. At least she cares for him at least in a non romantic way. It was still cool to see him get some character development. He’s been a relatively untouched on person, and this made his character a lot more human and interesting, ad his drive for everything was one of the most interesting I’ve seen. Having so much confidence in something and then kind of going crazy from loosing his place and feeling unimportant because of his control over the Avatar. Everything just really fit together perfectly I thought and made him a great character.

Fidchell’s prophecy was certainly interesting. It was cool enough and important and cryptic like for me to put it up as my new quote displaying on my site. I’m sure that pretty much addresses the entire story of this volume and what’s to come, although some of it will likely no make sense at all until it happens. Still, it was kind of neat. What I thought was interesting was it does kind of fit my theory of Ovan being Kite. After all, saying the Key of Twilight was in his right arm fit because Kite’s bracelet was on his right arm.

Fidchell was certainly very cool looking. What surprised me a lot about it though was how much it looked like Yata. I mean, for the most part most of the Epitaphs don’t look that much like their users. Some of them resemble them in a bit, but no where near the amount Fidchell resembled Yata. It seemed as if he had a head with short white hair just like Yata and his design made it look like he had cloths in the same fashion as Yata as well. Not that it matters, I just found it weird.

I was a bit surprised at the encounter between Sakubo and Aina. I mean, it wasn’t really too far off for the two of them to meet like they did, especially considering Aina was already joust n the loose. However, for as far as I could tell, they knew each other. At least hey recognized each other, which was rather odd I thought. Hell, I could even perhaps buy that Aina new Sakubo considering she’s a bit different and special; Ovan could have told her stuff about the Epitaph users. However, for Sakubo to just see Aina and recognize her was just odd. And they haven’t even really explained that yet either. They’ve pretty much left it unexplained, and I’m guessing they will for the most part. It’s such an odd thing to have be confusing, as it doesn’t really affect anything else, its just odd.

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