Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ – 10

Louise and Saito go on a mission to help against the war on Albion, but end up crashing on the snowy mountain side.


To be honest, this episode kind of confused me. I mean, the basic premise didn’t, and it’s not as though there were some big plot developments that were really that innovative, but they seemed to continually shift the focus almost. It almost seemed that the focus was originally on love being more important. Louise seemed to agree and they kind of said that living was more important then dieing for someone’s reputation, and that a noble’s honor wasn’t the most important, but then kind of shifted off that, but then back on. Then the end confused the hell out of me, because it completely went against what they had built up the entire episode. I was shocked and a bit disappointed in this episode.  It just seemed as though there was no real focus at all, it was all over the place. The end completely went against the revelations that had pretty much been built up to.

Aside from the slight drama the show had, I did really enjoy the romance that they showed. Again, it wasn’t really anything huge, I’m not quite sure we’ll really see something of super high focus for a while. Still, just some of the simple things were really cute to see, such as Louise being embarrassed, and especially the scene about her actually taking her cloths off in order to warm Saito. I thought that was really rather sweet, and did turn out to be a bit funny when the sword announced what happened. I do hope that they expand the romance even more, as it didn’t really occur to me that Louise didn’t technically give her response to Saito.

It will be a bit interesting to see what will happen now that they have effectively lost the plane. At least, they should have lost the plane, after all it crashed and they left via another way. The plane was interesting because it did make for there to be a connection between Saito and his world. I do hope they get it back somehow, but if they do they better explain it. I think it will really rather suck if they just magically have the plane again. Perhaps the enemy will manage to capture it but not know what the hell to do with it, considering it’s not really a dragon or anything.

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