Sky Girls – 10

When Nanae sees a mysterious light at night rumors start circulating the base about a ghost so Otoha leads an investigation.


This episode was ok. I was a bit disappointed in it though just because it seemed like the show had finally kick started with the whole WORM bit and then almost took a step backwards with this episode, really going back to being more ore less a fluff episode with nothing really to contribute to any of the overall stuff. Although, really that is to be expected a little bit. They can’t fill the rest of this series with back to back action. Still, it seems as if they were going to go back and not do much with the WORMS they should of held off the first encounter, but then again the show would go way too far without the plot, so really, it was for the better I guess, not quite sure what I wanted for it. Hopefully things will be a bit better still though.

It was a bit nice to see them have a bit of a focus on Ryohei. They haven’t really branched out and had any kind of character advancement for the people other then the main Sky Girls. Ryohei isn’t my most favorite character right now, but I didn’t exactly hate him either. I think his character is a bit better now because of the little they’ve had with him so far so I really hope they have some other character development bits with most of the characters.

It looks like next episode they will finally introduce the blonde loli Sky Girl. I’ve always been rather interested in her, as she’s in the OP but hasn’t really been shown much at all. They did have one episode where she appeared, but it was for like 10 seconds. It really does seem as if she actually joins the Sky Girl team. I’m really interested in what exactly she brings to things. Having a new character just thrown in could make for things to be well, interesting. She seems like the kind who is all full of herself and in her abilities, so as for actually working with the others or more on herself I’m interested in finding out. She seems to be much more of a loli then any of the other characters, and that’s never a bad thing :D Seriously though, her character being just thrown into things could make for things to become rather different and at least for a while more exciting.

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  1. Fluff episode, but it did develope Ryohei and introduce the Otoha’s brother’s ghost. Wondering if he has to do with her being so in sync with Zero?

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