School Days – 11

Makoto continues to fool around with different girls while Kotonoha remains devastated, but things start to take a plunge for the worst for Makoto when Sekai realizes she’s pregnant.


Wow….wow…I just simply do not know where to start. This show just amazes me in so many ways. It shard to describe, its almost not that its amazing me in good ways, as I’m really unsure of a lot of the things that are happening and what they are doing, however that’s not to say its bad yet either. But MY GOD I was just shocked at some of the things that happened. Sekai being pregnant and Makoto having sex with an additional four girls, three of them at once it seemed too. I mean, wow… At first I was really against all these additions of girls that Makoto slept with. However, I’m a bit more understanding as it really seems that their purpose wasn’t to actually be a love rival for Makoto at all.  Really, it seemed as though their purpose, which they fulfilled, was kind of to make Makoto into this guy seeing all these girls, having all these things and then all of a sudden crashing. That’s what made it interesting, as after things started going downhill they abandoned him, leaving him almost miserable, and in that sense I think they fulfilled their purpose excellently.

I’m kind of happy with how things have turned out, and I’m kind of not. However, the one thing that amazes me about this series is that even up to the very end, I’m still not positive who Makoto is going to end up with. I mean, obviously Kotonoha, Sekai, or no one. But for a series to go this far and still be uncertain is amazing.  I did really like the way things kind of came to a halt for Makoto. I was glad when basically all the girls kind of stopped having anything to do with him and he was left devastated, with Kotonoha the only one there that hasn’t left him. However, although they had the PERFECT set up for Makoto getting back with Kotonoha in a good way, it still left me not happy. I was fine before with Makoto going back with Kotonoha as long as they somehow redeemed it a bit by showing how Makoto’s realized something, and it really seemed as if they had that moment as everything went wrong for him and Kotonoha was still there, he even saw how messed up she was and was devastated, and saved her. However, Sekai is freaking pregnant. I mean, if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have much of a problem with Makoto going to Kotonoha as I’m sure they could give Sekai a happy ending. However, come on…she’s pregnant damnit. I hope they don’t have an ending where Makoto ends up with Kotonoha but Sekai is still happy and takes care of the baby half by her self and half with Makoto, while Makoto is still with Kotonoha and all three being friend again, but I almost see that ending being the one they are heading to. Really, the ending will pretty much make or break this show for me.

I do have to say that I feel a little bad for Otome. At first, before things got anywhere near this complicated, I just thought she was kind of a bitch. However, it did turn out that the girls she was with were more the mean ones. When she had sex with Makoto I wasn’t sure what to think, but I’m glad the way it turned out. I feel sorry for her, not really because she didn’t end up with Makoto. Really, I didn’t want her to in the first place as it’s much more interesting for the main choices to be between Kotonoha and Sekai. However, it still left me with a bit of a sad feeling. She really did love Makoto ever since middle school and although couldn’t be with him really she settled for what little she could have, but realized that everything that he’s been happened changed him. Really, she did loose someone that she loved but it was almost her decision, which did turn out sad. Overall I think she played an important role and I liked her individual story as opposed to say that of Hikari and the three bitch girls.

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  1. We’ve already reached the penultimate episode of this series, and I have to say that I am quite baffled as to how Makoto hasn’t come to the realisation that he is, to be frank, a pimp.

    At least that’s the impression this anime has left on me so far. A story about a teenage high school pimp pimping his way to breaking the hearts of all those around him. I also find it quite suprising that all those around him actually let him get away with all this.

    Such a shame reality isn’t anywhere near as described in this anime. School Days is, just like many other anime, a fantasy. Although I should reserve that statement for the final episode.

    But yeah, my views on this anime is totally different from yours, dear Xebek, as I am far from impressed. What ever happened to Xeby-chan anyway?? Haven’t seen a post made by Xeby-chan in ages.

  2. I think you have my views down as a bit wrong, as I didn’t necessarily say that I was impressed with the show in that good of a way. It does surprise me because i didn’t expect this show to be anything like this. I really like school romance anime, but I guess when they have a bit more comedy and definitely when they have less drama and just kind of weird situations like this.

    I started out really liking it but really because things have gotten as far as they are I’ve more or less become less and less supportive, despite its start.

    As for Xeby-chan, she was jut about to do a post soon, plus after I finish a lot of the series that are going on now I’m going to kind of announce some changes to the site that will free up more time for editorial posts done by her. She’s not gone away or anything :D

  3. I heard the last episode will be cease due to some incident. This series gave some real life time murder i think they will not air it until all been solved.

  4. I stopped watching this after the 2nd episode when I see Makoto being just plain dumbshXt. Then I started reading blogs and it seems like he’s even worse in anime than he was in game. Wathcing him wandering his mind in the game even though the player chooses choices that directs to a certain girl annoyed the living hell out of me, and the anime seems hell bent to show in the extreme end just how indecisive he is. In fact, I feel like every single characters in School Days deserve to get shot in the face.

    I also don’t like how they portrayed Setsuna, who was possibly the most coolest character on the game than she is in anime. But in the end, the anime does quite well showing the fact that even Setsuna had feelings for him, way before the two main girls (Sekai, Kotonoha) did. I think it would be hard to understand about Setsuna though, if you haven’t played the game.

    The anime seems to show very well on just how Kotonoha gets contaminated by the two characters – Makoto and Sekai. Kotonoha never had any friends in her whole life due to guys eyeing on her body and girls being jealous on her, and just as when she thought things get better when she gets to know Makoto and Sekai, she goes completely downhill due to Makoto’s indecisiveness and Sekai’s hypocritical behavior, with former being the major cause.

    Bottom line? Makato deserves to get an AWP(…) on the face. Sekai also deserves to get a AK on the face as well. I don’t really like Kotonoha, either, but I pity for Kotonoha for choosing what could be possibly the worst “friends” you could get.

    As for the other characters?…..Ehh who cares about them (lol), maybe except Setsuna. But I would shoot Otome right between the eyes with an AWP for bullying Kotonoha just because of her own selfish reasons.

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