Nanoha StrikerS – 23

Nanoha proceeds to find Vivio and the combat cyborg unleashes her power causing her to turn into an adult and fight against Nanoha.


Gah! Damnit, I want more of this show. I can’t believe how much this show has really pulled me in. It’s not just the action either, it’s the entire situation. I was at the edge of my seat throughout most of this episode, and when it ended I was a bit surprised just because I wasn’t paying attention to how much already happened. I just wanted it to continue. For a show to just do that in the first place, to have me as engrossed in what was happening as this show did, really does show to me at least that its doing something right. It seems as if things are only going to get better from here on out too, as I’m sure they will have something where Fate or Nanoha will go full out even more then they are now and put themselves in danger. I really can’t wait to see what will happen next.

It’s now an option though for Vivio to remain grown up. Even if they save her, she could remain an adult which would mean that she wouldn’t really need to be taken care of by Nanoha. If she still manages to stay with Nanoha and have them be friends and close, hell even Nanoha being kind of like a mother to her even at that age that would take care of the problem Nanoha seemed to have with her having a normal childhood. I still would rather have Vivio remain a child and be taken care of by Nanoha and Fate, but for sure I don’t want her to be adopted by some other family. So her remaining a child with Nanoha or her being an adult with Nanoha are both options I’d be ok with.

I do have to say something about Tea specifically. I never really saw her as that cool of a character. She was probably my least favorite of the forwards mainly because she didn’t seem to e that interesting. She just had guns and would shoot, it seemed a bit boring and I think they overdid a lot of things whenever they tried to give her drama. “Oh, boo hoo I’m bad at this” However, I was just amazed at her battle against the three cyborgs and she really redeemed herself. Not purely because she had some cool action but she do show that she could take care of herself and wasn’t just backup. She really was simply amazing, she completely kicked ass against three cyborgs all at once. Hell, all the others are having problems with less then that. Just her way of seeing though their attack pattern and taking them out pretty much simultaneously one fluid motion was great.

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