Sky Girls – 08

The Sonic Diver team all go to the hot springs for a break where they find that they have to do a bit of work to get it ready due to the recent landslide in the area.


I was impressed with this episode. Pretty much every anime has to have an onsen episode, and this series obviously was no exception. However, I was a bit surprised with how little they actually had with them being in the onsen and doing other normal activities you see. A lot of the episode seemed to be focused pretty much on things that weren’t at all onsen related, such as the news to the girls that they will be fighting WORMS and then the whole thing about everyone fighting to protect the innocent and Togo wasn’t to blame and so on. Really, for an Onsen episode they had n usual amount of seriousness to it which was quite interesting to see. Of course though at the end they did in fact have a bit of that regular onsen scene. Although it was a bit surprising that there wasn’t that much fanservice, a bit surprising because of the fact that the girls are usually piloting mecha in incredibly skimpy skin tight cloths. Still, I thought it was pretty funny when the wall was knocked down, completely being Othoha’s fault and the girls all yelled at the guys.

I am a bit interested, and kind of concerned for where the show may be heading in the overall scheme of things. Now that they have announced pretty much as much as they can that the WORMS are still there, there is a good chance that it will jump into the action. However, I’m kind of curious and a bit skeptical on how long that can keep up. After all, just fighting against monsters, without any other plot can get old really quick. Now, it’s not likely to be bad right away. After all, there hasn’t really been any action or plot so far, just character development really. Still, even though some of the action scenes may not necessarily be bad, the overall show won’t be much good if they don’t show some kind of plot, which so far hasn’t really shown. Aside from fighting WORMS, there’s nothing, and I just don’t think that alone can do much.

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  1. Even if the scene at the end was a little cliché, I was surprised to see a whole onsen episode with next to no fanservice. Mixing some serious plot with it was a good idea.

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