Hayate no Gotoku – 24

When a misunderstanding occurs between Hayate and Isumi regarding their feelings, Nagi and Wataru investigate and the misunderstanding just keeps getting bigger.


I loved this episode. I thought it was excellently done, and has become one of my favorites so far. It really seems as if this show shines when they shift the focus to all of the misunderstandings that go on. This misunderstanding was huge and it really did seem as if because of that the whole episode was amazing. Plus, on top of that it wasn’t just a stand alone episode like many of the episodes of show have been. It really had a cliffhanger to it, and although it wasn’t a cliffhanger in something high in action or drama was happening, it was still really interesting and had a great sense of continually to it. I can’t wait to see how everything plays out, and this show generally hasn’t had too many moments where I was really excited to see what was going to happen. I’ve almost always actually enjoyed the show, but being excited about it is another thing.

I thought that the whole Wataru and the cat thing was really weird. I was first off just a bit surprised at the thing even being there in the first place. After all, this episode was defiantly one of the more interesting episodes so far, but was effectively cut short of because of this segment. Now, I kind of understand them doing that though, as this episode really set up for what was to come in the series, really there wasn’t too much they could do in the time remaining, they would need a full episode for it. Still, it felt a bit weird to have this randomly thrown in there, especially considering this was a great episode and not just filled with other similar random things. The segment by itself was really weird actually, and I think they may have been a bit better off trying to extend the main segment by not necessarily progressing what’s happened, but fill stuff in throughout the middle.

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