Nanoha StrikerS – 21

Section Six does battle with the combat cyborgs that are attacking the city and try and take out the giant ship before it does too much damage, while rescuing Vivio at the same time.


GAH! Finally! It’s not as if some of the setup episodes for this were really bad, but honestly I didn’t’ care. Knowing that the show was this close to major fight scenes and huge plot advancement, I was really just anxious for this episode, and then the next to come. While this episode wasn’t super huge, it still had some great fights and kind of set up for the situation for even more. Tea seems rather screwed, but I’m sure she’ll pull though so I’m interested in seeing her kick ass, and Subaru’s fight with Ginga should be interesting. I’m not too sure about Erio and Caro, but really just the entire situation lends itself to be exciting, so I’m glad it finally got to this point after the last big action episode, and look forward to more.

I am really glad that they included Yuuno and Alf in this episode. Although they’ve shown them both before, they didn’t’ really do much, which is a bi of a shame because they are characters from the previous series and all. I really don’t think they will have anything important to contribute, even at the very end, but it was at least nice to see them. It’s too bad though that they didn’t get some screen time actually interacting with the other characters besides Chrono. I think it would be nice to see them with Nanoha and Fate, but I’m not sure if we’ll see that at all.

I have a bit of a bad feeling that Vita is going to die. She seems to be struggling a lot more then anyone else, just normal fighting seemed to fatigue her a lot. Plus she was stabbed thought he chest with a giant sharp object. I’m not really sure if this show is that dark though, but I wouldn’t put it past them to end up that way. In fact, I think it would prove to be interesting and good for the show to be that serious. However, I still don’t really ant to see her die. I do because it would be a great drama point of the show, making it really serious however, I like Vita, and it will be sad if she does indeed die.

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