Lucky Star – 20

The girls complain about their summer classes they have to take and studying for college, and later end up going along with Yu and her friends to see a fireworks show.


This episode was really good. It didn’t really seem to be anything special, there weren’t any super memorable moments or anything, yet it still just felt like a really funny and good episode. One of the things I thought was really hilarious was Miyuki’s mom. Of course they’ve shown her before and she’s been a great character, so it’s to really a surprise that another appearance would be funny as well. The whole thing with her counting and not remembering herself was great, and for some reason I just thought it was extremely funny and cute when she counted again and Miyuki added in the “9” for her. I’m not sure why, but I just .loved that part where she said the number for her. I thought the fireworks thing was pretty funny as well, about Tsukasa still thinking that they are flat. I also found the Haruhi commercial to be pretty funny. It was really completely unexpected but I did really love seeing it. They haven’t really had too many crossovers and cameos from other shows lately, so this was kind of fun to see.

I was a bit disappointed with Lucky Channel. Well, really disappointed, it was practically nothing. I mean, I was a bit in shock. Even if they hadn’t previously set anything up, even if it was to be a normal segment, they just introduced themselves, the new guy who was temporarily replacing Shiraishi which they didn’t even explain and Akira, then that was it. They showed a picture of Mt. Fuji though, but still. What is up with that? I was kind of expecting it to actually be one of the better ones because they had previously set up the episode to be good. It was for the most part supposed to be about Shiraishi being sent out into the forest to fend for him self and go hiking. I thought that was the perfect set up for something new and different, and really funny, but nothing happened at all.

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