Nanoha StrikerS – 19

Section Six plans to go after the evil scientist in order to stop his destruction and to save Vivio, and begin to search for his headquarters now that everyone is recovered.


Again, this episode really was completely a set up episode. No real character development or exciting plot advancements, however it was still a great episode. As I said before and I’m not going to rant here, some of these set up episodes are needed. It still was really rather exciting to see. They’ve set up a lot of it now and I think maybe one more episode where they go to his base and start to confront the bad guys is all they need before its more or less full scale battles till the end. I think this episode did a great job of setting that up while making it a bit interesting. However, there is only so far that can go. I’m not going to say it’s the best episode, cause although these episodes are kind of needed it was a set up episode, so hopefully my predictions are right and they don’t rally have too many more of these.

I was very interested and excited to see that Ginga was more or less made into a bad guy. I really wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen to her, as I guess it’s much better then just having her be in some test tube stasis until everyone comes to the rescue. It certainly makes things just all around more interesting. I’m quite looking forward to the encounter when Subaru faces Ginga, as I’m sure it has to be that combination in the fight. Her situation though does raise a bit of a subject which is how influenced are all these combat cyborgs to be doing all these bad things. It seems to be a bit of a theme in the Nanoha series to in the end kind of make the enemies allies, have the redeem themselves and so forth. It’s a bit different with Ginga as she could have been brainwashed or whatever into going along with all the bad guys, but everyone else seems to be picking it on their own, so I’m just curious as to if, and if so how, they will somehow turn the bad guys good at the end.

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