Nanatsuiro Drops – 09

Sumomo and Haru go to see how Yuuki is doing, seeing as she’s missed school for several days, but while there they see that Yuuki has gone a bit mad with her desire to not loose to Sumomo.


Wow, this episode was amazing. It was really more interesting though because of the situation it now presents more then the actual event, but still that was exciting as well. Seeing Yuuki kind of looses it was interesting. However, I’m extremely excited and anxious to see what is going to happen now and how they are going to deal with Haru’s situation. It’s defiantly the most interesting dilemma of the show. There were some more light hearted moments I liked too. I thought the whole calling each other by their “first” names was very cute and funny. When Sumomo just first said it to him and got super embarrassed, causing all of their friends around them to become shocked, it was funny and just extremely very majorly cute on Sumomo’s part. Then, Haru trying to call her Sumomo was mostly just funny because of all the teasing he got, however it did turn out to be more of a really sweet then when he did say it when saving her.

I was glad that they finally really included Yuuki in this episode. Not that she’s my favorite character and I wanted to see her, but it did really seem like a waste because of how much she was just being ignored almost. The focus was completely shifted off her for a long time. Not only were they dealing with Haru and Sumomo’s relationship, but just in general when Sumomo was fighting she would all of a sudden have all this strength, easily beat Yuuki, and then move on. Its as if they completely threw her character to the side, she wasn’t important at all. However, this episode had a lot of great and interesting moments, and had Yuuki included, so it was nice to see her move a bit out of the shadows. I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen with her character now. She seems pretty much defeated at this point, so hopefully she’ll end up helping Sumomo try and turn Haru back to normal. Either that or she won’t concede to defeat and repeat the same old things, which I think will be a bit of a shame, as it will be like ignoring her again, seeing as how its not likely she’ll actually contribute anything important by just remaining someone trying to collect the stardrops, especially now that the focus is off of the stardrops due to Haru’s current condition.

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