.hack//G.U. Redemption – 02

Haseo fights against Sakaki’s plans as he tries to manipulate the arena and everyone’s emotions towards Haseo’s fight, all trying to get closer to taking Sakaki out of power and defeating Taihaku.


  • Haseo registers for the tournament so he can stop Sakaki from spreading AIDA sees throughout the world. While registering he runs into Matsu and Anteras who both are entering the tournament, Matsu because of his past as a PKer and to Anteras’s guess, because of his history with the arena. Haseo gets upset at them both because this is all a ply by Sakaki but they are falling into his hands. They don’t seem to have a problem with it and Haseo wonders if anything strange is going on involving them.
  • Haseo meets up with Kuhn, Atoli, Sakubo, and Endrance in order to decide the team for the tournament. Sakubo and Endrance come together, late and almost immediate Endrance says that he won’t be participating, and leaves soon to be followed by Sakubo. Kuhn wonders what is going on, seeing as how Endrance is all over Haseo usually, so it just leaves Atoli, Kuhn, and Haseo for the tournament, Atoli with what is revealed to be a full awakened Avatar.
  • After doing some random quest with Matsu, Haseo heads for the first match of the tournament. There Sakai stands before the crowd, who seems skeptical that Sakaki, the guy who preached about PK’ing being bad is running a PK tournament. Haseo fights in five rounds against PKers he’s encountered before, and wins. Sakaki just laughs and says that it won’t be over soon, that he’ll see him in the second match. Atoli mentions during the fight that she hears the AIDA noise from the entire arena, that he Sakaki has effectively turned the arena into an AIDA server.
  • Haseo and Atoli are talking after the fight, Atoli saying that Anteras and Matsu won their fights. Kuhn then comes running up saying there’s something wrong, it’s Sirius. Haseo runs to the arena to see Sirius in the fighting ring, defeated. He was defeated by the Hetero Trio. Haseo looks to Sakaki and he says how AIDA has increased the emotions that drive the players, such as Matsu and Anteras. However he gave AIDA power to this Hetero Trio and rants about how the petty human emotions couldn’t defeat AIDA. Haseo screams and Sakaki laughs and they leave. Kuhn says there’s nothing they can really do now, and they wait for Sakaki’s next move.
  • Haseo gets an email from Pi informing him that Sirius has become a lost one, due to Atoli’s observation that the AIDA noise she hears is coming from the arena, meaning that it is an AIDA server so anyone killed there has the potential to become a lost one.
  • Haseo also gets an email from Kaede, asking him to meet her and Zelkova somewhere. They head there with Pi as requested. They strat to say something about Sakaki, and how the PK tournament is troubling them but Haseo says how it’s too dangerous for them to get involved. Zelkova just says fine. However he then tells Pi that her Area Hacking programs are quite interesting and asks if she’s seen anything besides AIDA in the Outer Dungeons, the areas reached by Area Hacking. Pi is kind of shocked and Haseo answers no.
  • Zelkova then leaves and Pi seems troubled. Haseo asks what’s wrong and Pi says she came here because of an email from Zelkova, one on her private cell phone asking about something beside AIDA and the Outer Dungeons. The two of them wonder what it is he is looking for.
  • Haseo logs out and gets an email from Zelkova thanking Haseo from coming. He says he’ll give him some advice to stop Sakaki. He says that Sakaki has his position in G.U. because of his control over AIDA. Without that he is a normal player. He says Sakaki knows this and that’s why he placed himself in such tight security within the Serpent of Lore. If Haseo can data drain the AIDA from him then he’ll be a normal player, and he says his chance to do this is in the arena.
  • Haseo wonders how Zelkova knows this and gets an email from Pi wondering the same thing. She tells him all the information she knows on Yata. She says that when AIDA appeared CC Corp was unsure of what to do so they hired a player who played the first version of the game who used to be a hacker. He was an information analysis broker and a member of the .hackers. They hired him to figure AIDA out, and that’s all she knows. Haseo then gets notice of the second round of the tournament.
  • We see a scene of Taihaku in his chambers. Sakubo approaches him and says that they have something to tell him, and calls over Endrance. Endrance approaches Taihaku…
  • Haseo begins his next fight in the tournament against the two players who PK’d him when he first started playing the game.  He finds out that they are still hunting beginners just for fun and kind of snaps, saying how he will destroy them. Haseo gets a real evil look in his eyes and kind of yells how he will tear them into pieces and carve the fear of the “terror of Death” into their mind. Kuhn and Atoli are startled and concerned. He nears the end of the fight and stands before them. Sakaki encourages him to kill them to use his avatar, to give in to the hate (Come to the dark side) but Haseo stops and says that he won’t go back to being the Terror of Death, and the match ends with Sakaki disappointed.
  • There are reports in the news section about official announcement of the discovery of the virus called AIDA that has affected computer programs and online games, describing it as a virus that can rewrite data and so forth. There is talk on the message boards about if this is what the black dots in the game are.
  • Haseo then gets an email from Matsu, telling him he’s lost to Anteras.
  • After a random quest with Kuhn, Haseo gets an email informing him of his next match in the arena against Anteras. He gets another email from Pi saying that form her investigation, Sakaki suggested to CC Corp that IDA has a strong interest it the arena, giving Endrance and Sirius as examples. Pi wonders if he’s really the one behind this all, as he’s just a normal player. Pi says she suspects a larger plot here.
  • Haseo fights in the arena against Anteras, winning. However after the match is over Sakaki says that Anteras threw the match so Haseo could win and everyone in the crowd is in an uproar. Sakaki says that Haseo entered the tournament with a hacked PC and shows videos of Haseo using Skeith in the other arena fights to the crowd, and they are all in chaos over this. He then says he has more charges against Haseo, and says how they are members of an organization of hacked PCS who are the cause of the phenomena around the game, G.U.
  • The entire crowd boos at them and yells in anger. Atoli starts to loose it, saying she can hear their malice, and AIDA’s response. Sakai asks the crowd if Haseo is guilty or innocent. They all yell he is guilty, and Sakaki says he sees. He disqualifies Haseo from the arena, and banishes him from the world. Saki says that Haseo’s morals mean nothing now, all he’s worked for is gone. He will be remembered in the history of the world as a horrible cheater.
  • All of a sudden Taihaku appears, along with Endrance and Sakubo at his side. Haseo asks what they are doing and Sakubo says they don’t have to do what Haseo says. Sakaki says that hey have rightly chosen to side themselves with him, and Haseo is at a loss for words. Taihaku asks Sakaki to repeal the disqualification so Taihaku may defeat him himself, and Sakai agrees, but laughs saying his masterpiece the Hetero trio are his next opponents and he doesn’t stand a chance.


Wow… I was really rather shocked and on the edge of my seat at the final arena fight. Not for the fight, but of course the events that came right after it. I didn’t think that Sakaki would expose like Haseo like that. I feel so bad for Haseo now that everyone pretty much hates him and thinks he’s a cheater. I just want Sakaki to die, god, that was terrible how he just turned everyone against him. Then later on the message boards everyone was saying how disappointed they were in Haseo and how much his actions disgust them. GOD DAMN SAKAKI!

Although I was sure already that Yata was Wiseman I thought it was just amazing, and really kind of freaked out when they actually more or less stated that. In Pi’s email she pointed directly to Yata being Wiseman, actually saying that he was a member of the hackers and served as an information broker/analyzer which is what he was when Kite met up with him.

I’m also a bit more sure of myself now that Zelkova is Helba. He’s almost got to be. After all, he knows way more then he should for a non epitaph user and was really interested in hacking and knew a lot about it. It just fits perfectly.

All of the real life reports of AIDA were a bit unexpected. The fact that there were news reports about AIDA being an official virus according to most people was odd. I wasn’t quite sure how much of the outside world would be dragged into everything that was happening, but if AIDA is big enough of a problem now that the real life world has been let know about it, some things should happen soon.

I thought it was pretty funny and cleaver when on one of the message boards, someone was objecting to the PK tournament and the stat of CC Corp. They said something along the lings of CC Corp losing it and it’s like its being run by some 10 year old. Of course, Sakaki is kind of running CC Corp and he is 10 years old, so it really is being run by a 10 year old, I just thought that little bit was funny.

I thought it was really….odd, and just pure bizarre how they had dancing grunties. Not much more to say about that, it was just really weird.

I was a bit surprised by Sirius becoming a coma victim. He almost didn’t seem important enough to be someone who would go into a coma. After all, especially after Vol. 2 his part in the game was almost done I thought. It was cool to see him be concerned and kind of push you to do things, but him becoming a coma victim was a bit of a surprise, but really won’t change much.

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  1. Your thoughts on the game are interesting…but you really cant be surprised about dancing grunties. How ever about the final fight, its not very surprising that enderance and sakubo would join Taihaku, Everyone that played the games from 1 – 3 would know that he was just doing it to help haseo….He is enfatuated with him.

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