School Days – 10

Makoto continues to secretly see Kato and Setsuna finds out about it and tries to get him to dump her, but Sekai ends up finding out the truth for herself.


Wow, this is really incredible. I really feel like the show is going for a rather messy and perhaps one of the violent bloody endings. I mean, Kotonoha was shown next to the knives and then when she was walking and ran into Sekai at the end she had a very crazy, (Dare I say it?) Kaede look to her. I know the game had some endings that involved people dieing, I assume Makoto for all the girls getting extremely pissed at him. However, I had heard that there were still several more nice endings. Even though you see the kind of happy endings in other shows, just the fact that the drama was there still makes this show great. I don’t know, although I am really rather mad and a bit disgusted at Makoto for playing with all the girls’ feelings and everything, I still don’t really want him to die. I would much rather see an ending where he realizes something and so on and then he ends up Sekai or someone, as he seems to have hurt Kotonoha too much and the others didn’t’ seem to have the kind of relationship connection. Still, whatever the ending I really do hope for a happy one. Not that I wouldn’t like to see some drama still, I would love to see something huge, however I still don’t’ really want Makoto to die even though I am very upset with his character. It seems like it would leave a lot of things just more or less permanently fucked up. If they can fix things by giving him some kind of resolution, he’s realized what he’s done apologizes or whatever then there can still be that great drama but not the bad end.

Really, in the end I want this show to continue to have drama but it would almost ruin the show for me if the ending turned out something where he was killed or someone was killed and things got fucked up. There are plenty of options still left, Kotonoha could go with Taisuke or Taisuke could end up with the girl who likes him. Makoto could end up with Sekai or whatever. Really though I want Makoto to end up with either Sekai or Kotonoha and for the other one to be happy. I don’t want the other two girls to die either but I’m not as concerned about them. Still, again it seems I’m repeating this, but I want things to in the end work out, not to say they can’t have a rough time getting there. I really worry about that happening as I really do think it would ruin the show for me.

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