Nanoha StrikerS – 18

Section Six tries to recover from the devastating attack on them by the Combat Cyborgs while Hayate tries to uncover the hidden truth behind Lt. General Geis and his part in the foundation of the project.


This episode seemed as if it was a bit uneventful. Although really, that’s to be expected coming from an episode that was full of it. It really wasn’t too bad, but it defiantly seems as if the show has fallen into a bit of a lull before the next action bit, which I expect won’t come until the very final fight, which with the amount of stuff going on could easily, and hopefully, take four episodes or so. However, although this episode was uneventful in it didn’t have any of the action or actually getting anywhere, it was still not bad. Like I said it’s really expected that the show would get this kind of episode, because honestly I think it would be too hard to maintain some high stress sting of episodes for too long without just burning things out and having the quality fall. As long as they make the episodes where they are setting stuff up or recovering or whatever good, they will be fine. Just because it’s a set up episode doesn’t mean that it isn’t interesting, as it was interesting to see them dealing with everything that happened and the stress it left behind.

I was a bit surprised to see that the Lt. General guy who seems to be kind of an asshole was actually aware of the evil crazy bastard scientist guy. Although he wasn’t working with him in the since that I don’t’ think the Lt. General is evil and I don’t think he really had any knowledge of what was going on, but the fact that the scientist was hired by him and he kind of funded the entire operation was surprising. The guy defiantly came across as an arrogant asshole guy who was really high on protocol or the old way of doing things, a very military guy and to see that he was actually, from the sound of it illegally, funding and authorizing an organization was indeed surprising. Again, I know it’s not like he was in charge of the scientist or what was happening, but he was still a part of it.

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