Hayate no Gotoku – 23

Makimura, the nursing root creator is assigned to be a teacher at Hakou, causing for Katsura to try and devise a plan to get rid of her and get the spotlight back on her as a teacher.


I really liked this episode. I thought it was done really well. I probably mostly liked it because it was set at the school and I do think that some of the funnier moments have been when they were at the school with some of the characters that are focused on there. Still, there was more to it then just the fact it was at the school. I just thought in general it was very funny, and although it didn’t have any kind of continuation, a fairly isolated episode, it was still very funny to watch.

I really liked Makimura just as a character. She was very funny to see in action. Although, she’s not really likely to appear again, and I can’t say I would really want to. Although I liked her character I still want more for there to be a focus on Hayate and Nagi. Still, she was a great character. I loved how when she was asked what the robot needed she instantly just said more firepower, innocently and automatically when the problems described weren’t in any way related to that.

The next episode looks really really interesting. I almost can’t wait. It really seems as if things are going to be interesting, really focusing some more on any kind of romance and the relationship that there is between Hayate and Nagi. From what it looks like, it seems as if Isumi confesses to Hayate, and seeing how Hayate is still completely oblivious to any feelings Nagi has for him, I think it will end up to be really interesting. Although Isumi is one of my favorite characters I’m really more interested in Nagi’s reaction to all of this. She’s likely to get devastated almost at this more then just super tsundere angry right away. I really want to see how things unfold and in the end, maybe not in this episode if its not he final (I’m not sure if this series is 24 or 26) I want there to be some more or less concrete step forward in the romance between Hayate and Nagi.

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  1. Wow, really? I would never guess that. Generally shows are only that long when they are rather shounen or shoujo, and this doesn’t really fall into that category. I’m not sure if it would work out, didn’t think theyd be able to get that much content and if it gets too stretched dout then it will fall in quality. If it can keep up its quality for that long that would be great though.

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