.hack//G.U. Redemption – 01

Haseo finds out that because of the way thing shave been going, Yata has disappeared everywhere and replaced by Sakaki, who has signed a contract with CC Corp to control all of the AIDA and the game as opposed to the plan to eradicate it.


  • We see a shot of a large white room with books all around and a bit Tri Edge mark around a broken piece of ground, with a girl sitting in a rocking chair with long white hair.
  • We go to a flashback the girl and Ovan in the cathedral. The girl’s name is Aina and she asks Ovan if when she gets better she can live with him and be with him like they are now in the world. Ovan then tells her about the statue of a goddess that used to be in the cathedral.
  • Ovan says her name as we come to a shot of him alone in the room before, holding The Book of Twilight (The book Aura gave Kite to give him his bracelet) He says things about the Key of the Twilight, Ultimate A.I., The Morganna Factor, and Harold Howerwick. He looks up at Aina on a chair on a floating platform asking what song they shall play today.
  • Ovan talks to Aina, and kind of himself, saying that the Epitaphs data drain could not remove AIDA from her. The wound was too deep and the treatment too late. All of a sudden Ovan keels over and Aida starts to spread and infect him more. He yells in pain for someone to shut up, saying how they dare lay hands on his Aina. Ovan then seems to talk in a different voice saying that that is right, he is the one who made his sister Aina, a lost one.
  • Ovan says there is no more time, that he will…and stops himself, looking at the book and saying the Epitaph of Twilight.
  • We then see Haseo alone on the battlefield where he fought Sakaki. He stands looking at the Tri Edge symbol, yelling to himself how it was Ovan all along. That he was the one who hurt Shino, and he’s been manipulating him. He asks what it is Ovan wants, what he is planning.
  • Yata is looking at some monitors asking why Ovan didn’t ask for CC Corp or his help if AIDA was inside him. He’s put the World in danger and its possible AIDA has spread to the outside world, which would cause panic and disaster. All of a sudden things shut down. A voice says that Yata’s access to the Serpent of Lore has been terminated, and administrators teleport in around him.
  • There are several news reports of many things in the real world malfunctioning. And there are several reports on the forums about “black dots” obviously being AIDA appearing a lot.
  • In the new Online Jack: Salvador has recovered and leaves the hospital, mentioning how some of the elementary school children are still missing and says that he will figure out the truth of what’s happening. They visit some doctor that I guess was shown before and he says he’ll help them.
  • Haseo gets an emergency email form Pi telling her to meet her in Raven’s home. He goes there with the other epitaph users and Pi tells them how Yata has gone missing, in the game and real life. All of a sudden the Serpent of Lore powers up and when they go there to see what is going on, Sakai appears in the pedestal Yata always was in. He says how he has surpassed the system and fused with AIDA, that he is unstoppable. He says that he has signed a contract with CC Corp and is now the new leader of G.U. He shows Yata’s PC body on the ground and starts kicking it saying how he was worthless, and how he will not be coming back.  He says any action against him will be seen as action against CC Corp as he signed a contract with them. He orders everyone around but they refuse and leave, Sakaki saying that is what he expected and starts to laugh.
  • After some unimportant quest with Silabus and Gaspard, Haseo gets another email form Pi asking to meet somewhere. The go somewhere and use some area hacking to get to a special area where Sakaki won’t be able to monitor them. They just say how they will get though this. Pi will search for Yata in real life and the others will do random things. The jist is that Sakaki’s is completely in control of the world now.
  • Haseo gets an email announcing the Sage Palace tournament being a PK tournament, where the towns become PK’able and the tournament is messed up. A message form Taihaku make shim sound evil saying let the weak bow before his blade. He then gets an email from Sirius asking to meet him somewhere to discuss this.
  • He sees that Lumina Cloth town has become a PK free for all. He meets up with Sirius and he says he wants to show him something at the tournament title match. They go there and watch a fight between a group and Taihaku. Taihaku easily defeats them, showing that his sword is infected with AIDA. He then rises it up after winning and AIDA swarms around it and in a large cloud of it there is some odd face and the AIDA speaks, “Feed me more”
  • Sirius says he doesn’t want to see Taihaku end up like Alkaid. Haseo says that he will save him, both Taihaku and Alkaid. He figures out that there is only one person who could have changed the system and made the Tournament rules different t and is in control of AIDA… He soon gets an email form Sakaki confirming that it was him who instigated this all. Sakai says that if Haseo doesn’t enter the tournament he will spread AIDA throughout the world, causing countless Lost Ones, and if Haseo looses the tournament he will have to pledge his allegiance to him.


Wow, I was amazed at the Book of Twilight thing. I was just in shock from seeing it. I wasn’t expecting it to really appear, as there are so many ways to make so many things happen, I didn’t think it was necessarily, but I am glad it was there. Of course for those who don’t know, The Book of Twilight, the book that Ovan was holding in his hands when he was in the room with Aina is the book that Aura tries to give to Orca but then end sup giving it to Kite, the thing that makes his player data special and gives him the bracelet. I’m not sure what kind of purpose it will hold in G.U. though, if really any. After all, the main characters already have a means of being special from the fact that they are the Epitaph users, they don’t need something to give them power and its highly unlikely that they would give anything to a new random person. Even if it doesn’t end up having an important role, it was really cool to see it. It also kind of fits with my theory that Ovan is Kite. (Theory, I don’t know for sure I haven’t spoiled myself on Vol. 3 and DON’T tell me if I’m right)

I really do feel really bad about my theories on what is going to happen. I had guessed that Ovan was going to die somehow, and I feel really bad now because of Aina. She looked so cute and innocent when she was standing with Ovan, asking if once she gets better if she can finally live with her big brother and see him. My god, it’s going to b horrible if indeed it turns out he dies and she can’t be with him.

I did find the whole Sakaki taking over G.U. thing really interesting. I really wasn’t expecting him to have quite that kind of role. I had guessed that he would come back, after all he was a cool bad guy and just being defeated and done with when you fought him in the previous volume wouldn’t really have gave him justice, but taking over G.U. in an official way such as he really was replacing Yata was just…wow…. It will certainly be interesting to see how they get around him technically working for CC Corp. He’s got to be defeated but it won’t be as direct, which will be fun to see.

Taihaku and the whole tournament thing was pretty interesting. I knew Taihaku had some rather big part in this volume but I’m glad to see that it is pretty interesting. I would have been a bit disappointed if the tournament where you fight him was just like the one with Sirius. Although the situation is roughly the same, the changes to the tournament will make things just more interesting in general.

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