D. Gray-Man – 47

When the Allen and the others arrive at a town they find that it has been going though hard times due to the strange disappearance of water from the nearby lake, causing them to investigate the cause.


I was a bit surprised that this episode didn’t really have much to do with Lulubell. Not that that is bad though, I think the story for this arc of two or more episodes is great. It’s certainly more interesting then some of the other episodes there have been lately. Plus, despite whatever individual story these episodes have its starting to introduce someone who is likely to become an exorcist, so it’s kind of an introduction to a new character, which is always interesting to see. I’m not quite sure what the deal is with the amount of episodes left and what kind of continuation there will be, but I hope that Mei Ling will be a reoccurring character, at least for a while. As not only is she cute, she’s like a fortune telling Ayu. Still, despite anything to do with the actual character introductions or connections to bigger plots, this episode was really interesting and I’m looking forward to how things are going to finish.

I am interested in Mei Ling’s actual prediction. I’m not sure really when its supposed to take place, as I’m thinking that it is more in the future then this one arc of a couple of episodes. After all, she saw everyone dead when she was wearing an exorcist uniform. Even if in the next episode she is told about everything and agrees to become an exorcist because of her powers, it’s doubtful she would have the uniform until a while later such s after she’s visited the headquarters and all. So that means that whatever even caused everyone to die wasn’t in this episode arc and comes later. Now, whether it comes later as in at the end of this season or if there will be a continuation, I’m not sure. However I still don’t think that it is a case of her predicting those things happening now just because of the whole uniform thing.

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