Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ – 09

Colbert, Louise, Saito, Tabitha, and Kirche all plan a rescue operation to free the hostages being held by the mercenary men who have captured everyone else.


Wow….that was amazing. I was just completely stunned and shocked out of my mind when they revealed that Colbert was the guy who burned down the village. That didn’t even cross my mind really at all. This episode was just amazing. It wasn’t just good because it had something surprising in it. It was good for completely other reasons too, because of all they put into it gave real emotion. It really was, honestly, very touching and sad, so far it’s been the saddest episode in this series, by far. It’s not really new that they are trying to bring in some sad moments, as they had the little bit with Henrietta and the dead Prince of Wales. That did have some sad feelings to it, but really nothing like this. Colbert was a reoccurring character, and although he wasn’t the most featured side character really, he gave off a very kind and helpful feel to him that just made his death incredibly emotional. I’m still surprised at not only how dark this episode was but at how much emotion there was. Sure someone died, but the story they had behind it made it much more interesting.

It seems like they will have a couple of episodes of more or less plotless episodes before they jump into the final climax and story, just from the way things have been going. The preview kind of showed something like that is going to be featured. Although plot episodes are good, I almost want to say I’m looking forward to a kind of break. The show is very fun and has great comedy, and while the action bits they had were great I think this show would benefit from easing off that a bit and just having some of the comedy romance bits with tsundere Louise and all. Just because they don’t have plot doesn’t mean they aren’t bad, I really do think that it would be better for the show to have some of those before the final episodes.

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  1. I figured out that Colbert was the captain of the village-destroying brigade two episodes prior. But you’re right, this was an episode that felt like it came from a different show altogether–it’s heavier than even similar “heavier” episodes from the first season. I always suspected that Agnes was adding a little Claymore into this series. :)

  2. I had Colbert pegged as the “bad guy” from the start of this little “who burned my village?” arc. He was so outspoken about his pussyfest, I mean pacifist, views I knew he had to have something in his past that made him that way.

    I, too, am looking forward to the light-hearted episodes to come.

  3. I cried. Won’t deny it.

    I really like when anime can be that moving. I just don’t resist and enjoy it all the better when I can really get into it like that.

    Praise Zero no Tsukaima. You join the ranks of Kanon and even Lucky Star.

  4. This was surprisingly heart filling, I Didn’t think Zero no Tsukaima would have that heavy emphasis, I Had a hint that Colbert was the guy who burned the village, but at the end of this episode, he honestly wasn’t the bad guy, The ending was just absolutely amazing

  5. Frankly speaking, I figured out that there was more to Colbert than it seems ever since they made that trip to the libary, and I anticipated that he’s probaly going to die pretty soon halfway through the episode (Due to the heavy emphasis on ‘I want to visit your world sometime’, which anime directors always make charaters who are dying soon voice out their last thoughts lest they incur the wrath of the fanbase that they pay much attention to them.)

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