Idolmaster Xenoglossia – 21

Haruka continues to be extremely expressed at her lose of Imber, while Turiavita is making a new move to end the fight between them and Modenkind.


Although a lot of really interesting and stressful events have been happening, this episode seemed like it was a bit lax in just anything happening really. They pretty much almost only showed Haruka being super depressed and isolated. The only other thing that was important to the plot was the announcement of Turiavita’s demand, and that just came at the last second. So really, for the most part this episode seemed to be rather uneventful, which really is a waste considering all of the things that have been happening recently. However, it wasn’t really that bad of an episode. Things are set up now for really non stop action and drama for the remaining episodes, so set up episodes were kind of expected. Still, not that this episode was bad, it just didn’t really have much going on at all.

I’m interested now if who if anyone will end up coming back to Modenkind. They showed reasons for both Yukiho and Makoto to want to come back. Yukiho did everything for Chihaya’s sake; however she hasn’t spent any time with her at all. I’m sure Yukiho will continue to realize or something that Chihaya isn’t the person she idolized her to be, perhaps giving her drive to return. Makoto has some reasons too, as she seemed upset with he way things were going and Yukiho kind of asked her the question of if she was happy here. While both people have reasons for going back, I’m not sure how they would really. Plus, both of them can’t go back to Modenkind right away, as there wouldn’t be anyone to fight almost. Still, I do kind of want to see both of them go back, as they started out as not really evil characters. Makoto seems like she fits there the most but really she only turned there when she was stripped of being an IDOL master and had no where to go, so I feel sorry for her character and its understandable why she went there, and the same with Yukiho in a way.

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  1. I don’t know. I just have a feeling that Makoto is gonna up and take Heims over to Modenkind pretty soon, perhaps once they ask her to do something that she doesn’t really want to do. Yukiho seems to be more of a “at the final moment, she realizes her mistake” type character to me. And, er, how fast can they build a body for that 5th iDOL?

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