Idolmaster Xenoglossia – 20

Haruka deals with her lose of Imber, not having a good grasp on reality as she causes those around her to worry while Ami rejoices at Mami’s return.


Wow, this episode was great. Seeing Haruka basically snap like that was very interesting. I was kind of fearing that her cheerfulness, as shown in the preview for this episode would have been her actually being optimistic, but having it be pretty much her going kind of crazy and pretending it didn’t happen to a degree was great. Not really for her, but it gave her character some real drama and made the situation more important and not just about losing a mecha, but made it much more then that.

They did reveal a bit about perhaps the ultimate climax or focus of what plot they have, which was a bit interesting. They didn’t actually talk about it, but just mentioned it. They talked about Auryn. I seem to remember it being mentioned before but it seems its something that gets summoned when all five iDOLS are together. I’m not sure if that was actually what was going on during the last episode or not. Things were a bit confusing as to why they needed to fire that satellite thing but it could have very well being some summoning of this Auryn thing. (It could be some ghostly white girl who floats and gives Haruka a book or something…..never mind) I really don’t have a clue as to what it could be, another mecha, good or bad, but we’re sure to see more of that at least near the very end.

I really have to say, separately from just talking about this episode, that I am simply amazed at this show in general so far and really am pretty sure that those will follow though thought the rest of the series. My god, it’s gotten me so excited and thinking about the show and not many shows can get me this involved. It’s not really a matter of the actual plot or anything like that, but just all of the identical things that tie together, the relationships are just amazing and make this show incredible. I really wasn’t expecting the show to be anything like it is now. Having episodes that deal just with the drama over someone kind of loosing it because of betrayals and losing the mecha. It’s just astounding how much interesting things have become, not even involving the plot. Hell, there almost isn’t a plot at all. The plot is there are two groups fighting over five mechas. Really, if it focused on the plot and the fights it wouldn’t be anywhere near like it is now. Still, the relationships and drama they manage to have is just amazing and it can really only get better from here.

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  1. I have no idea if this has any relation whatsoever, but the only meaningful thing I found when googling Auryn was that it was the amulet that the main boy character wore in the book and movie The Neverending Story:

    The Auryn also appears on the copper-colored cover of the book Bastian reads. In the movie The Neverending Story, the Auryn is able to grant Bastian’s wishes by channeling the powers of the Childlike Empress, who rules a world comprised of human imaginings, Fantastica.

    On the back of the Auryn are these words: “Do what you Wish” (German: “Tu, was du willst”). In the book there is a portal ringed by the two snakes, one shining brighter than white, the other darker than black, that contains a waterfall and a pool called the Waters of Life, the gate between Fantastica (known as Fantasia in the movies and Phantásien in the original German novel) and our world. Anyone who wears the Auryn pendant is recognized as a messenger of the Childlike Empress.

    Some sort of key to open a “portal to another world” certainly seems possible, and the way that one iDOL disappeared and then came back, it’s already been implied that something like going to another world has already happened.

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