Nanatsuiro Drops – 07

Sumomo struggles with what she should do about Haru’s confession to her, but knows the right thing when she hears the story from her dad about when he confessed to her mother.


Wow, this episode was great. I had really gotten into the show last episode just when Haru made the announcement to her, and this episode was amazing for me because it really focused on that moment, which was pretty much one of my favorites throughout the series. I’m a huge promoter of romance in shows and the fact that it didn’t just take a backseat to the other things was great. That they got the feelings out before the last five minutes of the show is what I love. They have a good chunk of the series still left to develop that relationship. Not only that, not only do they have some time to fill content with them going on dates or having the romance in their relationship grow even more, but really it will have a positive effect on the plot. I don’t just like the romance to be there for the hell of it. I really think in general it makes a lot of shows much more interesting. It gives the characters a lot more to fight for. If there is love involved then things get more complicated, more dramatic at times, and more tragic in some cases. I don’t really know to what extent this relationship will have. It’s still a rather light hearted anime but I still think it will benefit from this.

One thing that did surprise me, in a good way though, was that admits all of the really big romance and relationship advancement, they did manage to put in a rather big plot and character development bit. The entire thing about Sumomo’s mom was rather surprising, but really fits perfectly with what they’ve already hinted about. It’s not like its something outrageous that dotes’ fit, and it didn’t seem like it was jammed in there. I’m really quite interested to see what kind of effect this revelation will have on the plot. I’m still almost more interested in the romance and relationship part of the series, but it seems as if they haven’t completely given up on the other magical aspects of stuff.

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