Nagasarete Airantou – 21

Machi accidentally unleashes a demon upon the village that can transform into anything and starts to play pranks on all the villagers.


This episode was pretty good. It didn’t really have some of the charm that recent episodes have had. The previous Beniyasha episodes were good because the individual story of those episodes was a bit compelling, but still this episode was good. The episodes really, a bit to my surprise, haven’t really changed from being completely isolated. Although I for the most part expected this series to be like that, after all pretty much all of the episodes leading up to here have been as such, I’d still like to see something start o develop. It’s ok for a show, especially one that is as comedy focused and obvious about the majority being about nothing, to have isolated episodes. However, I still think the show will benefit in the end if the last two or three episodes have some kind of drama or conflict to them. While there still may be time before that window, it does take a bit of setting up to make that good. I just hope they manage to put that in. Again, this isn’t to say these episodes are bad, really if you are just looking t the show to kind of relaxing and fun to watch, they are great. You don’t have to think super hard about every series.

Aside from the episode just being rather independent and isolated, but still fun, this episode was amazing just because of Machi. I’ve said several times before how much I love Machi. She truly is my favorite character by far. Hell, the entire episode was practically focused just on her character. Although, of course, Suzu and Ikuto went along for the journey, it was focused on her which was just great to see. The way she goes from being kind of air headed and lazy to crazy psychopathic is just hilarious and I love all sides of her. Its fun to see her get really focused on something that extent of evilness. I don’t care who Ikuto end sup with, I want Machi to myself though :D

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