Sky Girls – 07

The Sonic Diver team is to perform at an air show when things get interrupted due to a landslide emergency.


This episode was pretty good. Although it didn’t really have any action or conflict in it, for the most part, I still did find it rather exciting and I wanted to know what was going to happen next. I kind of objected to the while introduction of that Vic Viper thing, but it didn’t really take focus away form the importance of the Sonic Divers in the end, so it was ok. I don’t know if it will even appear in the show again but I just want the focus to more or les stay on the girls because I think that a kind of rival in this all wouldn’t really fit with what the show should e focused on. If they are dealing with things like publicity or rivalries with another machine and pilot I don’t think it will help the show, and will in fact really just take away from what’s already established. Still, if they include it for purposes such as advancing Togo’s character development, that’s fine as it was interesting to hear how he was supposed to be the pilot and all, especially since they had briefly hinted at his story before with him kind of talking to Eika about someone not flying anymore and the girls being hope and all.

I’m a bit worried about how long they are delaying actually fighting the WORMS. I mean, they’ve already announced that they are there, first in kind of hinting at it and then in just completely out right saying it. Although the girls don’t know, it’s still been established that they are there. However, it seems like the next episode will be really rather plot-less. Of course it will have some interesting parts, and the hot springs bit is always fun to see, but really as far as the overall plot with he WORMS, it still doesn’t look like they will even touch it. I just hope they make the story exceptionally good when it comes and start some tuff, maybe not the final ultimate things, soon, otherwise the episode will bet pulled too far into the whole nothing happening and it could hurt overall impression of the show from many people.

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