Nagasarete Airantou – 20

Ikuto goes after Beniyasha in order to try and protect all the girls staying at Sakuya’s mansion, while they keep being targeted one by one.


I loved this episode. I think the way they concluded things was very fun and interesting. I’ve really been impressed with the whole two-parter dealing with the beniyasha thing. Is really one of my favorite episode(s) now, as it didn’t just have some interesting comedy, the individual episode story was a bit interesting and I wasn’t quite sure how things were going to turn out. They did a great job of making it interesting but still obviously just for the fun of things. They also pretty much included all of the characters form the show, for the most part, and that is just fun because the characters are very interesting and I think they work the bet when they are shown in times together like this, especially if they are all around Ikuto at the same time as well. I still want to see more of Yukino’s mom, she was a great character, but asides form that all the other interesting ones where shown.

It just seems like the entire set up, while maybe not the most original, but I don’t really care, was still pretty fun and very enjoyable.

One thing that was pretty interesting I thought was Suzu. She seemed like she really showed feelings for Ikuto in this episode, almost feelings of jealousy and wanting Ikuto to love her. It’s a bit surprising in a way but then again also good. It’s surprising because I wasn’t quite sure how much Suzu really knew about love. Although she doesn’t seem to be that informed about sex perhaps or at least the cultural norm of perhaps being embarrassed about some of the stuff like Mei Mei is, it’s still interesting to see her show those feelings. It’s good because as I’ve said many times before I always want there to be romance in shows I watch and if she shows these feeling sits definitely a plus for any chance of real romance. I’m just not quite sure to what extent she understands love. Still, it will be interesting as she has shown some desire for Ikuto to choose her in what seems to be more of a feeling then just friends and random acquaintances.

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  1. This was like, absolutely perfect, I’m surprised to see Ikuto, or actually, since I’ve seen quite alot of Romance/Drama Animes and such, There were never any…How can I word this, Stronger typed guys, Even though the girls are still much stronger, It’s kinda cool seeing him change so dramatically, I Also liked how Suzu showed feelings for Ikuto, and how much she seemed to really care and such, Especially at the Letter part, where she was disappointed in the fact that he didn’t come because he saw the letter.

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