School Days – 08

It’s the school’s festival and everyone is trying their hardest to get the most customers while Makoto is pushed by Setsuna to go with Sekai.


This episode was pretty good, as really I think all of the episodes so far have been great. This one did seem to have a bit less drama then I expected though. Although, a lot of that could be from really high expectations as well. After all, the entire series has really been going incredibly fast and hard with some of the drama, it’s not like it will die down by any means. However, it just seemed like it wasn’t as focused on the dilemma of problems between everyone. Really, it seemed as thought he episode mainly dealt with just the same question of who he should turn to. While, by itself is a bit of an interesting question. They really just posed the question out in the open and kind of stated that in fact he was still going out with Kotonoha and she cares about him.

I still feel a bit sorry for Kotonoha. When she basically offered to have sex with Makoto I was surprised and a bit thrown off that she would have to go as far as offer Makoto sex so he would stay with her. That’s just not something she should have to do or anything but it seems as if she cares so much about him that she’s completely throwing away anything to do with herself. I’m not sure what the outcome of the series will be but just hope that whoever whomever ends up with, Kotonoha and really Sekai as well are both in a good position. I don’t want Kotonoha to be with Makoto if she is going to have to behave like that or anything.

The part I liked the most about this episode though and what really made it interesting and good was of course Setsuna. Was really rather surprised when Setsuna kissed Makoto. I had really originally thought that Setsuna wouldn’t have any feelings for Makoto. It seemed like just having two girls in the main drama of everything was enough and it was going good. Setsuna played a very important and interesting role by just being there to kind of push things along, however showing that she has feelings for Makoto was very interesting as well. Of course nothing will come from it, but it’s just interesting to see.

2 thoughts on “School Days – 08”

  1. Yeah, Setsuna’s kiss was the point where I really couldn’t take the show all that seriously anymore. It really changed the show from being a love triangle to being a real harem-type situation, and while episode 10 was somewhat a return to form, you’ll see even more things happening coming up…you might change your mind on your last statement there. :)

  2. What the hell are you talking about? Just because she fucking kissed him doesn’t mean that it has become a harem. And even if it has? So fucking what? Just because a show is a harem doesn’t mean its bad, my god that is narrow minded thinking.

    Even if the kiss means a huge change in the story or means nothing, it doesn’t matter. Its still interesting. Who the fuck cares except for people who pay too close attention to technical genres of things if thats changed? There is still the whole damn dynamic of the entire damn show still in tact, making it just as interesting.

    Just because its a harem doesn’t mean it cant be a show that is taken seriously and still be interesting and good. Anyone who just labels genres with certain qualities of hows such as good and bad are fucking idiots. Its like a racist for genres.

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