Idolmaster Xenoglossia – 19

Ami is left defenses after Imber is taken by Chihaya and Yukiho gains control of Nubulim, when all of a sudden a strange light appears and protects her, resulting in Tempestas’s return.


Wow…that was awesome. Things have really just completely taken off on this show. I don’t think things are going to die down really at all. The shits pretty much hit the fan by now and things are just on a roll. This episode was incredible. We get the return and really first appearance of Tempestas in the show, he returns, kicks ass, and then pretty much sacrifices himself to save hundreds of millions of people. Although, the end might have shown that he is still alive, the core or whatever seems to be intact hopefully. Still, it was interesting that he appeared and then the same episode kind of got destroyed, but for great reason. However, although it seems as if that crisis has been averted, Modenkind is still rather screwed over. With Tempestas having been destroyed it will take a bit of time before they can build it into a functioning mecha. Meanwhile they just have Nebula which is in pretty bad shape. So they have one broken iDOL and one iDOL core while Turiavita still has Hiems and Epi that are fully working and likely Imber too. I’m not sure if Nubulim can still move or what, Yukiho still had some problems, but for the most part Turiavita is still far ahead of Modenkind, so it will be interesting to see how things are turned around.

Although I said things aren’t likely to slow down, I guess thinking about it the next episode is likely to be rather laxed. They have to really introduce Mami into everything, and now that the immediate crisis is averted they have to kind of recover until the next one. Still, things are way more interesting and in the plot deep even if the next episode doesn’t have any action.

I do have to say on a side note, not really dealing with the plot aspects or anything, that Tempestas kicks ass! Wow, I wasn’t expecting him to be that cool, although since they are bringing him in as the last iDOL kind of, at lest the latest one you see, it odes have to be something special. Still, he just effortlessly pretty much kicked Imber and Nebula’s ass by pretty much just touching him. And he seems to have some floating beam gun around him too. Plus, the design of him just makes him look cool. Everything about him does make him kick considerable ass, his abilities and just he look. I wanted to see him kick Hiems or Epi’s ass because we’ve seen that those two, in actual mecha battles, where good. Imber and Nebula have really only fought themselves and kind of tied, so beating them isn’t as much of an accomplishment as the others would have been, but its still cool.

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  1. You missed a scene, Epi-chan was destroyed by the Vulturius ray in the stratosphere. Still Turiavita has a 3-to-2 advantage, but is more like 3-to-1 since Tempestas must be rebuilt from scratch. :-(

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