Hayate no Gotoku – 21

Nagi wants to spend some time with Hayate before summer is over so she takes him to an amusement park that is on her property.


This episode was great. I thought they did the bit with the robot very well. I could just tell that the ending was going to be something like it was. Still, it was pretty damn funny. The whole bit about her saying he’s not non-combustible trash was done perfectly. Although I knew she would turn around and say he was a different kind of trash, it was still great. I wouldn’t really want to see the robot in many more episodes, and in fact I’d probably like it a lot better if he didn’t really show up again, but it was fun to see him one more time. I also just liked the whole concept about the amusement park on Nagi’s property. The joke her grandfather played on her by making the height requirement was just genius and really very hilarious as well.

I really liked the bit with Maria going kind of crazy eyed and imagining dressing Hayate up in girl’s cloths. Although the joke itself has bee done before it was still quite funny when they referenced it again and Maria’s part was great to. They also had a really great breaking the fourth wall bit at this part too; actually talking about the shows ratings in regards to if they are going to dress him up again and so soon. They just seem to do a good job at making the whole joke about him dressing like that continually funny.

There’s not really much I can say about the Butler Network thing, as its not long and kind of pointless, but seeing as how I love Isumi I do want to say that I found it really great that they included her in the butler network again, actually saying how it was Isumi and Nagi’s network.

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