Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ – 07

Anies asks Saito and Louise for help in exploring a hidden underground library that may contain records of what happened to Anies village when she was young.


This episode was good, but not the best so far. Really in the end it didn’t’ seem like much changed, but it was still rather exciting and interesting. I’m just surprised still at how much focus they are putting on the story about what happened to Anies village. It seems like that is the main focus of the series now, when it seems like it should be on the giant war in general and specifically that evil secretary bitch that has that ring now. However, it’s not as though this is terribly boring either though. It’s interesting to see things about loyalties and conspiracies in this world and the topic of Anies village destruction isn’t boring by any means. I just expected the show to be a bit more focused on the big picture right now.

I’m still unsure if the two are connected. There is a possibility that what happened regarding Anies is connected to the big picture war and the evil woman running it, however I’m just to sure how. It seems unlikely actually that that would be the case but I suppose it’s possible, and a way of tying what they are dealing with now to the overall plot. Still though I don’t mind if they have these relatively separate, in fact I think it will be interesting, as long as the big picture plot of the war isn’t hindered too much by focus on Anies.

I did really like seeing Siesta in the sailor uniform. Although that’s not really anything surprising likely, I don’t care. It was fun seeing her dressed like that. Despite that it was some good fanservice though I did like that whole bit just because it had a tie to the whole important topic that they haven’t seem to touch on for a while that Saito came from a different world, not just another country or anything. I really do hope they talk bout that more. Of course I want him to stay with Louise and the story wouldn’t likely have him leave everyone else he’s gotten to know, let alone Louise so he’s got to stay, but it still doesn’t mean they can’t have more moments where they address that.

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