Sky Girls – 06

Otoha tries to find the owner of a large bra she found in the washing machine while some things in training make an unexpected change.


This episode was ok, but really not as good as I was hoping it would be. Really, it seemed a bit boring and just plain uneventful. Now of course there was some stuff, they had to fill up the time o the show obviously, but it really didn’t seem that interesting. They just had one change to the training involving a worm which they didn’t really go into as much as they could have and then some quest to find a bra’s owner. Now, even for a non plot episode it didn’t have as much as some episodes do. I was kind of hoping for some Nanae development from what I remember about the show but really it was just some revelation she does a lot of work and has big breasts, nothing really beyond that.

There was something a little bit interesting when they talked about what the purpose of the Sonic Diver thing was and they mentioned hope. I’m not sure who they were talking about though, if the guy was talking about himself or the higher up guy with blond hair. Either way it is a bit interesting that they talked about how it’s some dream because so and so can’t be in the sky anymore. I really hope they kind of elaborate on that further as it doe shave potential to be rather interesting.

Another note is about the blond haired loli girl. They didn’t really explain anything about her at all in this episode, but they did in fact feature her, which is at least something. Just from her being in the OP really and then the tiny bit here shows she will be rather important. From what I understood the world has horrible mass communication and several countries are falling because of the worms. This girl escaped from one of them. Why it is important I have no idea but she’s likely to be a pilot later, whether or not that’s all no idea. I have the feeling they won’t show her again until later, she likely won’t become a big character soon but it was still interesting to see.

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