Nagasarete Airantou – 19

Everyone on the island receives mysterious invitations to visit a house on the island where strange things start going on that related to a mystery novel that Ikuto was introduced to.


Wow, I was surprised that they actually had an episode that had more or less of a cliffhanger ending. Although he main point of this episode was still really just comedy, and I’m sure that in the end of this little arc and even in the series in general, it will still be focused on the comedy, it was still a bit interesting to see them have an ending like this. I’m still not really sure of what is going on. Obviously things will be different then they seem to be, such as it’s not really a demon and/or Chikage is doing some things for the sake of the novel or just something along those lines. Still though, it’s pretty intriguing. Although I know there is going to be an ending along those lines they haven’t had anything like this that really has an actual story to it. All the episode sup till now have just been purely isolate and although each episode had their own story, kind of, it wasn’t really focuses don that and in this episode we did see that there was some story or something going on.

I am a bit almost worried about some of the things they’ve shown as it almost implies that there is another guy on the island or something. It certainly looked like a guy from some of the shots they showed like him in the bath and even just grinning evilly from a window above. It could still turn out to be something along the lines of some clone or another mechanical doll, and I really hope it is. Another guy on the island kind of takes away from some of the whole purpose of the comedy that Ikuto is the only one there. Although if there was another guy the ratio would still be WAY in the favor of the girls it would defiantly take something away from the special qualities Ikuto has compared to everyone else. Again, although it will likely not make much of a difference, and any overall feelings they may deal with way at the end won’t change, such as Suzu’s feelings or something, it will still take a lot of away form what Ikuto has not and I don’t think that would be for the best. So I just hope that the evil guy thing isn’t human and goes away at the end of this story arc.

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