Nagasarete Airantou – 18

Mikoto’s sister, Shinobu, returns form her sword training in the forest in order to challenge Ikuto to a swordfight because of the rumors of him being a great swordsman.


This episode was pretty good. In particular about this episode, Shinobu was a very fun and interesting character. Although, an episode being good is kind of expected when they introduce new characters, as long as they are interesting. I was a bit surprised that they introduced a new character in the first place though. After all, they already had a huge cast, and they already had a new character introduced not too long ago, and now here’s another. Its not that it’s really bad though, as it did turn out to be interesting, but it is a bit odd almost. I’m not really sure that they can keep up pulling in all these characters. The show isn’t’ too far from an end but with the show not really trying to focus on anything serious, new characters are a good source of comedy. However, I’d really like to start seeing them use the characters they have now, as although they’ve all had their own episodes kind of, there’s still a lot more left that they can do with them.

I am curious to see what kind of role Shinobu will play in the rest of the series. At first throughout most of the episode I thought she was going to be really in just this one episode. It was even turning out to end like that, with her going back into the forest to train, however with them actually stating that she is getting a new house, close to Ikuto’s, it kind of says from just that that she will be in the show some more. They did a good job with Mei Mei right after her introduction of including her, so there is a good chance they will give Shinobu similar attention.

On a side note, it was interesting and good of them to show that Mei Mei was embarrassed when Ikuto grabbed Shinobu’s breasts. As rather expected, the others didn’t really react to it as anything that would be embarrassing, because of how they’ve established time and time again that really the girls there don’t know much about any kind of sexual tension or the sort, but they hadn’t completely forgotten about it either. It was a very funny scene and I liked the way it ended. I was kind of expecting something like that, as those odd and awkward moments are a lot of the show’s comedy.

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