Lucky Star – 19

Konata and the others talk about the heat and we see Kuroi-sensei’s routine after school and at night.


I thought this episode was great. It had a lot of really funny moments in it. I still love how they are including the side characters. Now it seems that Yu and her friends are getting almost as much screen time as the other girls, which is great. It’s much easier to have more content this way and they don’t really have to connect the two groups of girls. I also really liked how they kind of focused on Kuroi-sensei. She’s a really interesting character and I wish they’d put some more comedy about her. Not that I would want her to be featured as much as Yu and her friends, but still the bits in this episode about her were pretty funny.

I have to make one special note about one character in particular, Tamura. She’s fast becoming one of my favorite characters. She’s defiantly in second, first being Konata but she’s almost even tieing or topping her. My god, she’s like Konata except has these yuri fantasies. They haven’t really shown her much so I can’t really compare as much as I’d want to but just from the very little bit they’ve shown I’ve completely fallen in love with her character. I’m just really glad that they are showing her period. She’s not one of the original four or anything but they seemed to give her a lot of good time in this episode, which was just great. Not only because she’s such an awesome character but just because it’s good to include the side characters like they have done. I really want for her to appear a lot more.

Lucky Channel was fairly good this time around. It seemed like it started off slow but when they got to the actual joke about Shiraishi going on a hike it was pretty funny. I guess it’s hard though to get some of the content for jokes in that little time. Anyways, it wasn’t bad. I am curious as to the whole guest thing they mentioned. Saying that next time there would be a guest. They have followed up in the past when they said special things are going to happen so I really hope they do this time as well, maybe it will even be Tamura :D

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