D. Gray-Man – 44

Lavi takes Lenalee to bookman in order to heal her injuries, traveling with the maid Mimi who unbeknownst for them is an Akuma working with Lulubell.


This episode was pretty good. Not too terribly exciting but it was interesting and it’s not like it was boring at all. I really liked Mimi’s character. They showed or of course before but I thought her participation in this episode was very fun to watch. It was also interesting for them to touch on things like the higher up Akuma having feelings about their origins and what happened in their past with dieing and reviving and such. It wouldn’t be too hard for them to make someone sympathetic for them.

They did bring up a topic a little bit in this episode that they didn’t really put a lot of emphasis o, nor do I really expect them to in the future, but it did touch on something I’ve felt for a while. The plan to just simply steal the Innocence weapon the exorcists use. It’s always been a bit of a pet peeve I guess you could say when they would have characters in anything who’s main power or what made them special could be taken away from them. If all some of thee exorcists are is someone capable of using these weapons, they can be rendered completely helpless almost by just taking it away. I like the parasitic types of exorcists for this reason as their weapons and abilities cant really be taken away, but the others I kind of wish they could do something where they could kind of teleport the weapon to them at any item if it gets disarmed to show that they would always have it. That may take away a lot such as times in this episode where the plan was to steal it, but just something I think of a bit.

The next episode seems to actually be not about Lulubell. Although, this isn’t really a good or bad thing, I’m not really complaining about the Lulubell episodes thus far, but it has still been a bit surprising that there were so many episodes in a row focusing on her and still not really any resolution. It would be one thing if she was dead, but although the next episode focuses somewhere else they still have her to go back to. I was really expecting them to get into any kind of main climax and drama of the series now that they are this far. In relation to how long the series is, they don’t have too much time left and they have set up A LOT of things they have to conclude. I’m kind of worrying if they will get it done.

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  1. There are unofficial rumors circumventing out there that a second series is on the works.

    But to me are just rumors, until an official announcement comes.

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