Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ – 06

Henrietta runs away in order to lure out a traitor who is likely to move at the news of her disappearance, turning to Saito for help.


This episode was pretty good. It certainly had a lot of fanservice, but it did have some other things that were interesting to see too. Although again they still haven’t really shown anything that is dealing with the big overall plot, they are doing a lot of little sub plots that at lest go with he same kind of flow that the big one is following. They are just dealing with various traitors really, but showing how many there are and the different stories beneath one is rather interesting. The story thus far has really been about some of the political things such as country loyalties and it is turning out to be interesting.

Even without taking into account some of the more interesting aspects of this episode like how much they seem to be focusing on country loyalties, this episode was great if just in terms of the fanservice they had. First off the whole Henrietta thing was amazing. She is very very hot just to begin with but then first pairing her in a short skirt and a button down shirt that was way too small for her, then having her in that shirt get wet, then on top of that the kiss they had to do in order to stay hidden where her top was pretty much completely off. This is definitely the most Henrietta fanservice they’ve shown so far, and it was definitely fun and great to watch. There wasn’t just the Henrietta stuff though, as I did rather enjoy the whole yuri kiss between Anies and Louise. I thought that was just thrown in there for comedy and again the fanservice, but as long as the rest of the show is good things like that don’t really hinder the quality.

Next episode looks to be interesting really just because of them showing Siesta in a uniform. I don’t really know what the purpose of this will play, or if really the uniform has any importance at. Hel, it’s likely only a really small part of the episode. Still, I am quite looking forward to that part. It’s likely just them finding this random piece of Saito’s world, but come on its Siesta in a sailor uniform.

3 thoughts on “Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ – 06”

  1. This episode was aight, Episode 04 was still may favorite for the time being; mainly because of the relationship push was so dramatic.

  2. i’m confused.Zero no Tsukaima had 3 season?i recently watched “Princess no Rondo”.There are previous season like “Futatsuki no kishi,i just discovered that at your website.Please tell me more.-Confused anime fan.

  3. Yeah, three seasons of Zero no Tsukaima. The first season is simple Zero no Tsukaima, the second is Futatsuki no Kishi, and the third is Princess no Rondo.

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