Nanoha StrikerS – 16

Section Six heads to the ground forces HQ for the conference being held there, preparing to defend it against the predicted assault.


This episode was pretty interesting. There wasn’t really much fighting, just the bad guys attacking and the good guys noticing them. However, although its main purpose was to kind of set up the next episode for a bunch of action, it was still fairly interesting in its own right. Although it didn’t really offer much new information it did show some of the unseen bad guys and again set up for what will hopefully be one kick ass episode.

I definitely have a bad feeling about Vivio. Although it was a little obvious that she would end up being targeted by the enemy. Well, more then obvious they kind of stated it by the fact they already tried to take her once. Still. It did bother me a bit to see how little protection they were actually putting on her, even in this episode when they set off to prepare for some giant battle, she didn’t have that much protection. I would think the people are smart enough to connect that some strange young girl carrying a device that is a huge magical artifact that the enemy is after might be a bit important. Still, I guess they can’t go though some rescue of her or whatever if she’s never in any danger, and I’m soon that although Section Six will probably be able to hold off the enemy a good deal, they will likely take Vivio.

My guess for the future of the series is as I partially talked about right above. I think the enemy will likely take Vivio soon and then the climax will be some giant battle where they kind of both rescue Vivio from them and just in general take down the evil doctor’s plans. Of course, it’s likely for there to be some converting of the bad guys too, but what I see happening now is roughly Vivio getting captured, then climax at a huge battle to get her back.

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