Idolmaster Xenoglossia – 18

Ami becomes captured and in exchange for her Turiavita asks for both Imber and Nebula as an exchange.


Wow…. I really was underestimating this show I guess. They’ve really gotten the story into full bloom already and it’s incredible. I was on the edge of my seat throughout this episode. They’ve mixed so many aspects into the show perfectly, the relationship between the master and iDOL, how they seem to really deeply care about them, the human relationships and the entire issue of loyalty. First they have Makoto and then this whole big thing with Yukiho. It’s just amazing. Now not only do they have a confrontation between the two sides but its not just side A vs. side B, its about the people involved in the conflict and why and what they are fighting for, which is really very interesting.

I’m really interested in when the still missing iDOL is going to appear. I forget its name but the one that disappeared along with Ami’s twin is still out there and really, now that everything is pretty much in full bloom chaos everyone’s screwed situation, it would be helpful for them to bring it out now. They may in fact bring it out next episode because in the preview it showed Ami holding someone who seemed to be unconscious. It didn’t’ seem to be Haruka and the hair might of suggested it was Ami’s twin, which would of core mean that that iDOL is back as well. They kind of really need it now, because with Nebula completely trashed, Imber turned over to the enemy or something along those lines, and it’s really the only thing they have left. Even then it really seems as if they are screwed. I don’t really know how they are going to get through this. If that iDOL comes back that still only means that Modenkind has one working iDOL and one trashed one against four of them that the enemy has. So far, Epi and Hiems have showed complete domination too in iDOL on iDOL fights, so they seemed to be rather screwed.

I do have to say on a quick side note that Hiems looks freakin awesome. By far the coolest looking iDOL there is so far.

2 thoughts on “Idolmaster Xenoglossia – 18”

  1. I lvoe it this episode…

    Haruka founds out that everyone that she trusted betrayed her… I can see her hopeless after loosing Imber. Now what? Will SUNRISE make one of their famous “everyone get along well at the end”; like GS and GSD. Who knows… for a change I hope not.

  2. I honestly didn’t love this episode because I wounded up seeing Yukiho turn to evil in this episode. Damn it I just don’t know how the fans of Yukiho( me of course) and Chihaya in the idolmaster could handle seeing the shit that Yukiho and Chihaya did. However this is the last time I am ever going to talk about this show. I should have known better than to call the sunrise people geniuses!

    However the reason Yukiho is still my favorite character in the game is because I like her voice and plus she is also pretty cute in the game. Plus her hair looks better in the game than the show.

    I will always like the Idolmaster until the day I die.

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